GoPro Is About to Make the ASP World Tour and Big Wave World Tour Less Watchable

Written by philoSURFer on February 27th, 2014

In what amounts to just awful news, GoPro has just signed on as an official sponsor of the ASP World Tour and Big Wave World Tour.

For Pipe, Teahupoo and Fiji, we’ll get some pretty awesome first person views. For the rest of the tour, the GoPro views (that they’ll likely keep replaying over the live broadcasts) are just going to suck.

GoPro footage also has the unique ability of making big wave surfing look way smaller than it is. There’s no better way of drawing outsiders in to the world of big wave surfing than to put them in the driver’s seat on an angle that makes the wave look only a fraction of its size.

Don’t agree with me? Go ahead and check out a few examples:

Kalani Chapman surfing Teahupoo. Not so bad to watch.

Kelly Slater surfing Trestles just kinda makes surfing look un-fun. This is the least inspiring footage of Kelly I’ve ever seen.

This footage makes Francisco Porcella’s Jaws experience look like a day at shoulder to head high anywhere.

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Andrew Cotton Rides A Gargantuan Wave – Still Awaiting Laird’s Approval

Written by philoSURFer on February 3rd, 2014


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Kelly Slater’s Komunity Project Signature Fins have arrived!

Written by philoSURFer on November 26th, 2013

The wait is over. After popping up in retail locations in Europe and Israel, the Kelly Slater signature fins by Komunity Project have finally arrived on U.S. soil. They’ll be arriving in U.S. shops in the coming days and are sure to make great stocking stuffers.

Anyone who is a fan of the Kelly Slater signature fins by FCS will find themselves right at home on these. Better still, Komunity Project is also offering a Futures compatible version of each fin. While Futures offered their own variety of the K2.1 fins (the WCT fins), they’ve never offered quad rears that match the original FCS offering. I struggled trying to find a set of Futures quad trailers that came close, but came up dry. Komunity Project has jumped in to fill that void and is offering each of Slater’s templates in a range of techs and colors.

Check in with your local surf shop and keep your eyes peeled for announcements online in the coming days.

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Hydroflex Skateboards are now live on Kickstarter! Back them now!

Written by philoSURFer on October 3rd, 2013

The brilliant minds behind Hydroflex surboard technology have officially gone live with their Hydroflex Skateboards Kickstarter campaign. Sign in and back them today for what’s sure to be a high quality February release.

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Huntington Beach riots explained

Written by philoSURFer on August 8th, 2013

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Anastasia Ashley makes our humpday

Written by philoSURFer on August 7th, 2013

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Huntington Beach goes back to the future with riots

Written by philoSURFer on July 29th, 2013

Oh man, rioting was so much more real back in ’86.

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Roxy vs. Noosa – Who wore it better?

Written by philoSURFer on July 26th, 2013

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Putra Hermawan out-nipples Jordy Smith

Written by philoSURFer on June 25th, 2013

So you finally forgot about those creepy, cross-eyed nipples on Jordy Smith that are enough to make a baby cry and keep a grown man up at night?

Well, take a look at Putra Hermawan’s scary silver dollar surprises.

The horror!

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Wavegarden 2.0, take my money please!

Written by philoSURFer on June 10th, 2013

Wavegarden 2.0 – June 2013 from wavegarden on Vimeo.

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WaveGarden 2.0 will be unveiled on June 10th!

Written by philoSURFer on June 4th, 2013

Keep your eyes on the WaveGarden website for the official unveiling of their second generation wave pool on Monday, June 10th. Who wouldn’t want one of these in their backyard?

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Leif Engstrom’s Superman Air from the passenger seat

Written by philoSURFer on May 30th, 2013

Videographer, Wayanzinho Hugues Oyarzabal (WHO) puts us in the passenger seat for an up close look at Leif Engstrom’s superman air. Only a RED camera could have made this one of a kind angle cooler.

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An injured John John Florence can still “Begin Again”

Written by philoSURFer on May 13th, 2013

Like Tupac Shakur, John John Florence keeps reaching out from beyond… well… his sidelining injury to release new hits.

This latest is a quick clip of footy edited by Blake Kueny, the man behind “Done”, featuring the Florence brothers and friends doing what they do best.

Let’s hope we get to see John John back in live action soon.

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Julian Wilson does the twist in Rio

Written by philoSURFer on May 10th, 2013

Feeling good about finally sticking those 180 chop-hops? Then watch this.

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Volcom picks up Balaram Stack

Written by philoSURFer on May 6th, 2013

Balaram Stack found a new home with Volcom and Surfing Magazine got the scoop.

In short, Balaram’s recent video edit got the attention of Volcom and Volcom wanted Bal on board.

Congratulations, Balaram! We’re all stoked for you!

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Daniel Thomson and Stuey Kennedy doing a little Firewire testing

Written by philoSURFer on May 2nd, 2013

stuey kennedy and dan thomson from hamish mackenzie on Vimeo.

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Firewire Tomo Vanguard – yeah, you NEED one of these

Written by philoSURFer on April 30th, 2013

I’ve been the proud owner of a Firewire Tomo Vanguard for a few weeks now and here’s everything you’ll want to know about the board.

First, let’s start with me. I’m a husky 5’7″ and 180 lbs. I nearly always ride ridiculously low volume boards for my size, with 25 to 26 liters of volume being my sweet spot. My go-to Firewires are the 5’0″ Sweet Potato for mush up to head high; my 5’4″ Dominator for virtually everything shy of heaving barrels; my 5’8″ Hellfire for when the waves crank up a notch; and my 6’0″ Flexfire round tail for when a more elegant solution is needed in bigger waves. Keeping with what volume works best for me, I opted for the 5’4″ Vanguard.

So where does this 5’4″ Vanguard fit in my quiver? It’s a solid replacement for my mid-range Dominator and Hellfire, and damn near a perfect replacement for my standard high performance Flexfire.

The Vanguard is absolutely beautiful. Aesthetically, it’s a very elegant and clean design. From the parallel rails to the wafer thin stunted nose, it’s just gorgeous. Physically, it’s a perfect specimen. The channel detail in the tail just begs for heavy petting, while the channeled, concave nose will have you reaching around while paddling just to cop another feel.

People will ask you about it… constantly. Whether walking on dry land, while paddling or after finishing a wave, people are going to ask you about this one. Its non-traditional outline really stands out in the crowd and will draw more questions from surfers than you might have answers for. I had a few sessions where even shapers approached me just to ogle and admire it.

It’s not a groveler, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grovel on it. The parallel outline wasn’t made for mushy dribble. This sled really wants a fast, top-to-bottom wave. That said, if you could ride your high performance shortboard on it, you could ride your Vanguard on it.

How does it paddle? In short, it paddles no different than any board of the same volume. The shortened form factor in no way inhibits the board’s ability to get into waves. On the contrary, I felt it was far easier to get into a number of softer waves on it that I would have struggled to get into on most of my other boards.

It performs well in size. Though I haven’t had the luck of scoring waves more than a couple of feet overhead since getting the Vanguard, it handled a little size with ease. The one really solid day the Atlantic has thrown at us this past month proved the Vanguard a perfect choice for overhead surf. It worked like a charm and I never once felt undergunned.

So how does it ride for the decidedly non-pro surfer? We’ve all seen Daniel Thomson and Stuey Kennedy blowing lips and minds on the Vanguard, but most of us are not even one sixteenth as talented as one of these guys. The Vanguard will surely bring out the worst in beginners. Its straight rails and narrow, compact shape will leave anyone unaccustomed to a high performance shortboard feeling like they’re on a hulled garbage can lid. Intermediate to high-intermediate and above will really revel in the speed and drive the Vanguard offers. The shortened size will make the board feel more organic under a more experienced surfer’s feet. The absence of a traditional (and unnecessary) pointy nose actually tightens the turning radius and changes the swing weight through turns and airs. My credit card airs have never had more spin. Your real air reverses will be more corked out than ever.

Is it just a gimmick? The Vanguard is far from a gimmick. Remember just a few years back, Kelly Slater started riding significantly shorter boards in heats. Fans and fellow pros initially rallied against him, saying he was going through a Cheyne Horan-like experimental phase. Just a few years later, nearly the entire World Tour has started riding significantly shorter craft in heats. This could and should be the story of the Vanguard. Daniel Thomson’s perfected ultra high performance board may very well be the next stage in surfboard evolution. All talk of modern planing hulls and hydrodynamics aside, the Vanguard just plain works… really, really well.

The Verdict: This board qualifies as a MUST BUY. I loved it so much during my first session that I immediately thought, “I better order a backup just in case anything happens to this one”. This should be in the quiver of every surfer whose ability is intermediate or above. It will bring out the best in you.

If you’re buy-curious, head on over to your nearest Firewire dealer to score a Vanguard today. Then, contact Firewire and tell them how much you love the board.

Don’t forget to tell ‘em philoSURFical sent ya.

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John John Florence bails on Brazil

Written by philoSURFer on April 29th, 2013

John John Florence has officially pulled the plug on Brazil, backing out of the Billabong Rio Pro to focus on getting his ankle 100% better.

His presence will be definitely be missed after his big win at Rio last year.

The silver lining…. The tour front-runners will have one less major threat to face in their title race.

Godspeed, John John. We can’t wait to see you back in action.

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Firewire Technograin becomes Firewire Timber Tek

Written by philoSURFer on April 12th, 2013

After a discussion and handshake with the talented guys at Grain Surfboards, Firewire has rebranded the Technograin line as “Timber Tek”.

Great tip of the hat to a great company by another great company. Everyone wins.

Now, take my money! I need some Timber Teks!

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Balaram Stack doing his thing – Someone sponsor this kid!

Written by philoSURFer on April 12th, 2013

Quiksilver let him go, yet he’s ten times more exciting to watch than most of their existing team riders. They should have dumped World Tour guys like Jeremy Flores, Tiago Pires and Travis Logie. I’d rather watch Balaram Stack taking a crap than see either of those three in a heat. I’d rather watch Bal color in Dane’s doodles than watch either of those three go for a freesurf.

Someone sponsor this kid!

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Hollywood surfs: Liev Schreiber and Simon Baker do it again

Written by philoSURFer on April 5th, 2013

Daily Mail came through with some more surf stuff today with this article featuring Liev Schreiber and Simon Baker having a session in the sun.

So who do you reckon has better style?

Yep… the Aussie.

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Nautilus Adventurer Board Case – oh yeah, you want one of these!

Written by philoSURFer on April 4th, 2013

If you’ve traveled with boards more than a few times, you’ve more than likely had some bad experiences with damage and destruction. Yet… the airlines charge more and more for board travel and increasingly ask you to waive any rights to claim damages at their hands. That’s where Nautilus Adventurer hard case comes in. Protecting up to 3 boards under 6’5″, it’s the perfect travel companion for those who enjoy having their boards go afar and back unharmed.

I’m going to try to get my hands on one of these ASAP for a full review, but from the photos alone, I can tell it’s more solid than any soft coffin or day bag, more stylish and elegant than a Santa Monica Hard Case, and more solid and trustworthy than any inflatable case. Unless the thing weighs 150 pounds or cracks under pressure, I think the guys at Nautilus might have a winner.

The Adventurer hard case by Nautilus Surf is available for order now at

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Still think SUP-ing is cool? Robert Pattinson does.

Written by philoSURFer on April 1st, 2013

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail.

Just when I thought SUP-ing couldn’t get any less cool, moody, brooding Robert Pattinson makes it look… just… awful.

Check out the full article for more photos and words.

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Kanoa Igarishi is broken

Written by philoSURFer on March 29th, 2013


According to Kanoa Igarishi’s Instagram account @igarishikanoa, this is what happens when you go left at Winkipop. Backside air to broken leg.

Heal up quick, grom.

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Interfering with Taj Burrow and Lincoln Taylor

Written by philoSURFer on March 21st, 2013

Nothing worse than seeing two fired up surfers, including one favorite, going down due to interference. Taj Burrow and Lincoln Taylor did just that in the opening minutes of their heat at the 2013 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro.

Had they not both been nailed with interference deductions, Lincoln Taylor would have won the heat. Unfortunately, this opening folly knocked both guys out.

Shouldn’t a double interference like that just be a write off? Ultimately, they only blocked each other from scoring, so why not let two wrongs equal a right?

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John John Florence and Taylor Swift?

Written by philoSURFer on March 21st, 2013

Is John John Florence hooking up with Taylor Swift? According to celebrity gossip sites around the net, it’s not happening.

So is it or isn’t it?

According to this article from Daily Mail, when asked by an Australian television interviewer, John John said, “Uh, I’m not supposed to comment about that. Yeah, you know, it’s kind of a secret thing going on right now. Can’t bust it out in the public just yet.”

Definitely can’t wait to hear the song about this one.

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Joel Parkinson was super stoked to share a wave with Kelly Slater

Written by philoSURFer on March 13th, 2013

Image courtesy of @jsindustries on Instagram.

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Kelly Slater wins… again!!!!

Written by philoSURFer on March 13th, 2013


Congrats, king! 41 years young and still kicking ass.

In related news, Australians everywhere are complaining that Kelly Slater was overscored.

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John John Florence walk us through his injury

Written by philoSURFer on March 13th, 2013

Get better soon, John John. The tour and my Fantasy Surfer team are already suffering without you.

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Canadian for ripping

Written by philoSURFer on March 4th, 2013

Pffft. Forget Pete Devries and the Bruhwilers. Give this guy the next Innersection.

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Roxy Pro Gold Coast 2013 Day 3 highlights

Written by philoSURFer on March 4th, 2013

The ladies were on FIRE yesterday for Rounds 2, 3 and 4 of the Roxy Pro Gold Coast 2013. If there was ever an event to serve as an argument for why the women deserve a more serious tour, this is it. The women were literally killing it. Watch the highlight reel, then fire off a letter to the ASP to get its ladies more events, more coverage and more money. Can’t wait to see the ladies hit the water again.

Log on to the Quiksilver Pro event site later today for what should be the start of the men’s competition.

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Quiksilver’s bloody water gets real

Written by philoSURFer on February 27th, 2013

It seems like Transworld Business article from yesterday got things right. The pink slips are indeed being handed out over at Quiksilver. Elliot Stuck at Stab Magazine got some of the story directly from New York standout, Balaram Stack:

Balaram Stack, 21 years old and New York’s best surfer, has been riding for Quiksilver since he was 14. Five days ago, he was happily sponsored, headed up Oz’s north coast to hang out at the Quiksilver Pro, Snapper. And then…

“I got a phone call four days ago,” Balaram says. “A friend from Quiksilver was just like, ‘I don’t know how to tell you this, and I’m really sorry but I just got an email with a list of names I gotta call and you’re on the list.’ And that was basically it. He was bummed. He was the only guy left that I really dealt with. They’d cut everyone else I’d known forever. I haven’t heard anything about DC, but I guess they’re all the same deal.”

It’s a scary time to be a professional surfer. Hoping Bal and the others find new homes quickly.

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Dane Reynolds mini interview – just a quick hit

Written by philoSURFer on February 27th, 2013

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Dane Reynolds, who was in town with his muse, Courtney, flexing his artistic chops in a photo installation. Dane was ever humble, funny and ready to chat. He even let me land a shot to the face. Here’s a quick Q&A with everyone’s favorite free surfer.

Whenever I ask any of your peers who the best surfer on the planet is, they say Dane Reynolds. So, now I ask you, who is the best surfer on the planet?

Wow. Well, obviously Kelly Slater. That’s kind of a tough thing to judge. I’m really loving watching John John right now.

How difficult was the decision to quit the Tour?

It was really tough. I make rash decisions, like when I dropped out of school at 16 to focus on surfing. I was wondering if I was making one then. It was tough but I had to go with what I was feeling.

Do you miss it?

Yeah. There are times I definitely miss it.

Do you watch heats online?


Do you ever watch a slow heat and think, I could have destroyed that one?

That’s not really me. I worry for the guys when I see them stumble in a heat. I really hate safe surfing. I hate when people hold back in heats.

Who is the most underrated, under the radar guy right now?

That’s tough because now anyone who rips instantly has video clips all over the web. There aren’t really any more underground stars. I would have to say Eric Geiselman. His brother, Evan definitely gets way more attention.

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Are Quiksilver and DC dropping athletes, staff and brands?

Written by philoSURFer on February 26th, 2013

According to the below article from Transworld Media (which has now been removed from the site), Quiksilver is doing more pruning than just at the executive level. If there’s any truth to this, even World Tour surfers like Jeremy Flores, Tiago Pires, Travis Logie and Fred Patacchia will be looking for new homes. Further, if this is true,  Stephanie Gilmore will be looking for a new sponsor after so recently moving over from Rip Curl.

As of this posting, the team appears unchanged on the Quiksilver surf team website.

If true, this is very sad and scary news. Let’s hope for our sport’s sake that this is all bad gossip.

Drop us a note if you have any insight.

Quiksilver And DC Cut Athlete Teams, Staff, & Brands  By Mike Lewis
quiksilver height=361

Tue, Feb 26 2013 10:54 am | 0 Comments

Yesterday was a rough day in Huntington Beach according to sources at Quiksilver, where broad-reaching cuts affected team riders, approximately 30 staffers, and entire brands were shuttered.

On the athlete front, the decision was made to cut all but the marquee riders. In surf, everyone but Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, and Mark Healy were let go. On the snow side, Travis Rice is the sole rider left on the program, and in skate, Tony Hawk is the last man standing. DC apparently let its full BMX and surf squads go as well.

On the brand front, DC Womens, Quiksilver Womens, and Quiksilver Girls were cut as well, along with their staff members, and several high ranking marketing staffers were also let go.

According to internal sources, there’s more to come as new Quiksilver CEO Andy Mooney reshapes the brand.
Stay tuned for more as this story unfolds.

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Coco Ho knows how to get our attention

Written by philoSURFer on February 25th, 2013

Can’t get enough Coco Ho? Well, the crown princess of the Ho dynasty has gone and launched her own website,

Head on over and check it out.

You’re welcome.

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Don’t buy used boards in Brooklyn

Written by philoSURFer on February 25th, 2013

WRV gets the tailpad fail.

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Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestone destroy hearts and dreams

Written by philoSURFer on February 25th, 2013

Alana Blanchard shared this Instagram snap a few days ago @alanarblanchard. The lucky dood is none other than Jack Freestone.

They make a ridiculously good looking and talented couple, but I can’t help but feel like she’s cheating on us all.

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There’s no such thing as too much Alana Blanchard

Written by philoSURFer on February 19th, 2013

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Chuy Reyna shredding Firewire’s homepage

Written by philoSURFer on February 19th, 2013

Who needs an ASP World Tour warrior on their splash page when you have an in-house talent like Chuy Reyna?

Chuy seems to be enjoying the new Technograin boards by Firewire and they seem to be enjoying him.

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Thank you, Alana and Sports Illustrated

Written by philoSURFer on February 18th, 2013

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ASP World Tour adds Bali to this year’s lineup!

Written by philoSURFer on February 4th, 2013

Finally a bit of good news to counter all of the doom and gloom that has surrounded the ASP for the past few years. Come June 18th, the world’s best will be throwing down in Bali. Read on for the press release from the ASP

Oakley Pro Bali at Keramas Joins 2013 ASP World Championship Tour
February 4, 2013 | ASP International

Dream Tour Capability? Check. Keramas qualifies as a spot for the 2013 ASP World Championship Tour.
KERAMAS, Bali/Indonesia (Monday, February 4, 2013) – ASP International is pleased to announce the sanctioning of the Oakley Pro Bali at Keramas as an ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) license for 2013. The event will be the fifth of 10 events on the 2013 ASP World Championship Tour and the first elite tour event in Indonesia since the Rip Curl Pro Search in 2008.

“We are very excited about the addition of the Oakley Pro Bali to the 2013 ASP World Championship Tour schedule,” Renato Hickel, ASP WCT Manager, said. “This will be the first ASP World Title-deciding event at Keramas, an internationally-recognized venue of high-performance surfing, and we look forward to the ASP Top 34 doing battle there for years to come.”

While the righthand reef break of Keramas will serve as the primary venue, Oakley has green lit the performance-oriented beachbreaks of nearby Canggu as a backup location. The Indonesian island paradise is a recognized host to a bevy of world-class breaks, making the Oakley Pro Bali one of the most anticipated events of the 2013 schedule.

“Keramas, to me, is the most high-performance wave on the planet,” Jordy Smith, current ASP WCT surfer, said. “Oakley have had their world junior event there for a few years and I’m glued to the computer every time it’s on. To have the Top 34 there, it’s going to be a huge challenge for the judges as the performances are going to be next level. This is really exciting.”

- Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast – March 2 – 13, 2013
- Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach – March 27 – April 7, 2013
- Billabong Rio Pro – May 8 – 19, 2013
- Volcom Pro Fiji – June 2 – 14, 2013
- Oakley Pro Bali – June 18 – 29, 2013
- Billabong Pro Teahupo’o – August 15 – 26, 2013
- Hurley Pro at Trestles – September 15 – 21, 2013
- Quiksilver Pro France – September 27 – October 7, 2013
- Rip Curl Pro Portugal – October 9 – 20, 2013
- Billabong Pipe Masters – December 8 – 20, 2013

Having previously hosted the Oakley ASP World Junior Championships, the upgrade to an ASP WCT event represents the eyewear giant’s first foray into the elite level of competition.

“Surfing is an integral part of Oakley’s DNA and we are proud of our six year legacy in Indonesia,” Scott Bowers, Oakley SVP Global Sports Marketing, said. “We have hosted a number of specialty surfing events in Bali from surf shop challenge and pro junior events to crowning the ASP World Junior Champion last year and we are eager to take the next step in this evolution. Not only is the Balinese coastline known for its wealth of high performance waves, but the rich culture and enthusiasm for the sport of surfing in Bali make it the perfect location for the inaugural Oakley Pro.”

The Oakley Pro Bali will be Stop No. 5 of 10 on the 2013 ASP World Championship Tour season and run from June 18 – 29, 2013 and will be webcast LIVE via

For more information, log onto

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Kelly Slater enjoys the adventure

Written by philoSURFer on February 2nd, 2013

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The Vanguard is here

Written by philoSURFer on February 1st, 2013

The Firewire Tomo Vanguard has arrived. Racks are getting stocked. I’ve got butterflies.

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Surfline targeted advertising fail

Written by philoSURFer on February 1st, 2013

‘Cause nothing says SUP more than overhead waves with 25 knot sideshores.

Thanks, Surfline!

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2013 Volcom Pro is now live!

Written by philoSURFer on January 31st, 2013

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Firewire Tomo Vanguard porn reaching a fever pitch

Written by philoSURFer on January 30th, 2013

All photos courtesy of firewiresurfboards and tomo_surfboards Instagram feeds.

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Hollywood goes surfing: Chris and Liam Hemsworth go for a surf

Written by philoSURFer on January 29th, 2013

When Hollywood goes surfing, the Daily Mail gets the scoop. Yesterday, they brought us a piece on Thor and his little brother getting wet in Costa Rica.

Though these photos don’t exactly show it, I’ll still claim Chris Hemsworth as A-list Hollywood’s top surfing talent until I see otherwise.

Head over to the Daily Mail Online to check out the full article and all the photos.

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A teaser video surfaces of Garrett McNamara’s latest Portugal assault

Written by philoSURFer on January 29th, 2013

Yep. I think I’d stand a little further back on those cliffs.

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Garrett McNamara goes bigger?

Written by philoSURFer on January 28th, 2013

What better way to quiet critics of the Cortes Bank Wave Jet drop-in fiasco than to tow into a jumbo sized bomb of a bomb off the coast of Portugal?

If rumors have it right, this is G Mac’s biggest wave yet. Let’s hold our breaths until more photos and videos surface later this week.

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New Yorkers test the limits of sanity in Ireland

Written by philoSURFer on January 28th, 2013

New York born and bred, Dylan Stott and Kurt Rist are superheroes.

Take a look at their latest attack at Mullaghmore for the evidence. If you can say you wouldn’t shit yourself being in Kurt Rist’s foot straps on this beast, you’re lying.

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Flipping out over backflips

Written by philoSURFer on January 14th, 2013

If backflips are the new rodeo, then who’s doing them best?

Timmy Curran:

Flynn Novak:

Gabriel Medina:

Yago Dora:

Am I missing anyone?

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Firewire Vanguard – just look at Tomo’s pretty ladies all lined up a row

Written by philoSURFer on January 10th, 2013

Photo: Daniel Thomson @tomo_surfboards

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Congrats to John John Florence and Hurley

Written by philoSURFer on January 7th, 2013

Can’t wait to see the goodness that comes from this union! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at O’Neill the moment this was announced.

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Parko wins, Taj gets the money shot

Written by philoSURFer on December 16th, 2012

photo courtesy of Taj Burrow (@tajamos)

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Check out my Chuy Reyna/Firewire interview for

Written by philoSURFer on November 19th, 2012

Click the photo above or this link to check out my recent interview with Chuy Reyna of Firewire Surfboards over at

Check out some of the new boards on the horizon and some Fair Bits on their team riders (Taj pun intended).

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Gabriel Medina flips out, but doesn’t cry

Written by philoSURFer on November 13th, 2012


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Check out my Alana Blanchard interview for

Written by philoSURFer on November 13th, 2012

Click the photo above or this link to check out my recent interview with Alana Blanchard over at

Did I mention she’s single?

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Parko, Slater and Fanning title scenarios heading into Pipeline

Written by philoSURFer on November 8th, 2012

Everyone always wants the World Title to come down to Hawaii. Well… this year everyone got their wish. Joel Parkinson, Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning are the only three crown-chasers left standing going into Pipeline.

Here’s the three-horse race as summed up by the ASP:

As Parkinson is the current rankings leader on the ASP WCT, the following ASP World Title scenarios will be based on his potential finishes at Pipeline.

If Parkinson finishes 13th, 9th or 5th at the Billabong Pipe Masters:
- Slater needs a 5th or higher to take the 2012 ASP World Title.
- Fanning needs to win at Pipeline to take the 2012 ASP World Title.*
*Contingent upon Slater finishing 5th or Lower at Pipeline.

If Parkinson finishes Equal 3rd at the Billabong Pipe Masters:
- Slater needs a 3rd or higher to take the 2012 ASP World Title.
- Fanning needs to win at Pipeline to take the 2012 ASP World Title.*
*Contingent upon Slater finishing 5th or Lower at Pipeline.

If Parkinson finishes 2nd at the Billabong Pipe Masters:
- Slater needs to win at Pipeline to take the 2012 ASP World Title.
- Fanning cannot win the 2012 ASP World Title.

If Parkinson wins the Billabong Pipe Masters, he will take the 2012 ASP World Title.

Head over to the official ASP website for the full article.

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Gerard Butler almost dying while filming Chasing Mavericks

Written by philoSURFer on October 23rd, 2012

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Gabriel Medina gets a huge kick in the nuts from the ASP

Written by philoSURFer on October 22nd, 2012

I love Julian Wilson as much as any super fan. What’s not to like? The guy looks like a Ken doll, is effortlessly cool, and has style, flair and every air. He’s neither jock (Mick Fanning), nor hipster (Dane Reynolds). Julian is easily the most likable guy on tour. He’s been screwed by the judges in a number of heats, in a number of events, yet the judges finally decided to screw someone else on his behalf in Portugal. Unfortunately, Julian’s win over Gabriel Medina was not the time for the judges to reward him for past wrongs.

Let’s review: It’s the final heat of the 2012 Rip Curl Pro Portugal. Julian Wilson and Gabriel Medina have battled through to the end. The waves have largely gone to shit.

Julian snags a small, foamy right-hand barrel and pulls in. The mess of a wave pinches shut a second in, and Julian bulls through the wash for a few feet before barely breaking free. The view from the beach: a messy backyard barrel that wasn’t meant to be. His score: 7.83.

Gabby grabs a sloppy left with some attitude. He punts a perfect, sky high reverse, smacks the lip, and rips a committed on rail turn. The view from the beach: modern precision with power and flair on a lackluster wave. His score: 7.90.

Gabby finds another left and races a section. Pulls in cleanly and come out even cleaner. He taps the end section for good measure. The view from the beach: This ride is hands-down better than Julian’s opening score. His score: 7.47.

Julian finds a right in the closing seconds of the heat. Barely pulls in and gets clipped, again. Bulls through the wash, again. Claims it. Does a safety turn. And another. Finishes off with an off the top. Claims again. The view from the beach: sloppy, safe and claimy on a garbage wave. His score: 8.43.

Something is tragically wrong in ASP-ville. The Internet lights up. Aussies and racists everywhere throw their support behind Julian. Everyone else with clear vision and a heartbeat throws their support behind Gabriel. This is no fault of Julian’s. He did nothing wrong (save the double claim), but Gabriel’s superior performance and misjudged scores have sullied Julian’s maiden win.

Again, I love Julian and feel that he’s already been raped by the ASP judges in other events. He even surfed an admirable final heat in the conditions on offer, but this was not his win. One playback of the four scoring waves of the final makes it clear as crystal. Even Gabriel’s lower scoring wave was far better than Julian’s high scoring buzzer beater.

Some of Gabby’s on beach antics following the heat were reprehensible. Crying showed his passion, his determination, his humanity. Storming off the podium without sincerely congratulating Julian showed he’s still a kid with a lot to learn. His family’s alleged trashing of the competitors’ area was even more bush league. A more adult and responsible approach might have been to rain rocks on the judging tower.

Yeah… I know. Glass houses.

The judges really screwed the pooch on this one. Julian’s win is the ASP’s loss. A win in Portugal would have put Gabby, the real contender on the fringe, in solid contention for a title this year. Instead, they gave it to their golden boy, putting Julian in contention and keeping Gabby on the fringe. Let’s hope it comes back to bite them on the ass when the ASP receives its much needed facelift in 2014.

Head over to the Rip Curl Pro website, check out the Heat Analyzer and take another look at Julian Wilson’s “win”.

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Gabriel Medina goes mental

Written by philoSURFer on October 17th, 2012

Now, I’m rethinking the approach on my credit card airs. The kid is mental.

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Sitting with Alana Blanchard

Written by philoSURFer on October 10th, 2012

I’m just moments away from sitting down with Alana Blanchard for a Q&A. Check back soon to see what makes her tick.

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surfer Magazine gets the real scoop on the NEW ASP

Written by philoSURFer on October 10th, 2012

While little info has leaked out about what the reshaped ASP World Tour will really look like, surfer Magazine got a bit of an exclusive inside scoop.

The biggest reveal of all? It sounds like the guy who’s been dominating professional surfing for the past two decades just got his next big gig drawn into the plan. Who says there has to be life after Kelly Slater?

Click on for the full article over at surfer Magazine.

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Quiksilver Pro France Money Shot

Written by philoSURFer on October 6th, 2012


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The Rebel Tour Finally Wins!

Written by philoSURFer on October 5th, 2012

For all of us who have been bashing the sponsor-run mess that is the current ASP World Tour, victory is finally upon us. More specifically, the rebel tour is taking over. While more details will certainly be leaked in the coming days and weeks, this can only be a good thing for pro surfers, fans and the sponsors who bankrupted their accounts to over-fund half-baked, poorly marketed, disparate events.

Head over to the official ASP site for the full press release, or read on:

“HOSSEGOR, France (Friday, October 5, 2012) – Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) International has entered into a Term Sheet with ZoSea Media (founded by Paul Speaker and Terry Hardy) designed to enhance the organizational structure of the sport as well as the direction of professional surfing in the coming years. This measure enjoys the comprehensive support of surfers, events, staff and ASP Board Members.

“It’s an important time for surfing,” Kieren Perrow, ASP Surfer Representative, said. “The supporters of the sport have sacrificed a lot of time and energy into professional surfing, and it has brought us to our current position where we’re attractive to a larger market with the ability to take surfing to a whole new level. Everyone, from the surfers to the fans to the events to the sport, will benefit and it’s an exciting time for the ASP.”

The formal closing of this transaction between ZoSea Media and ASP International is anticipated to be achieved by year’s end. Both parties are focused on executing a smooth transition towards the continued enhancement of professional surfing.

“When we embarked on the experiment that is professional surfing, our goal was to create a dynamic, genuine sporting product while retaining the authenticity of the culture,” Rod Brooks, Quiksilver Event Director, said. “The progress made, not only by the organization, but in its ability to consistently push the high-performance boundaries of the sport is something we’re all very proud of. Surfing, as an act, is constantly evolving and the governing body must evolve and adapt to maintain relevance. We’re all very excited about where this next step will take us and extremely supportive.”

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Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds French Affair

Written by philoSURFer on October 5th, 2012

How great was the path to the finals and the actual final at the Quiksilver Pro France? Unreal.

This was pro surfing at its finest.

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Kelly Slater Doesn’t Give a Shit… about the U.S. Open dilemma

Written by philoSURFer on September 27th, 2012

Kelly Slater Doesn’t Give a Shit…. about the U.S. Open dilemma and that’s a great thing.

Hopefully this Nike/Hurley exit of the U.S. Open of Surfing is another nail in the coffin of our sponsor run industry.

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Stink Bug Invasion Promises Foul Fall

Written by philoSURFer on September 27th, 2012

I was reading this Live Science article on stinkbugs and I couldn’t help but chuckle at how pertinent to the ever-growing surfing population the title and opening para are:

Stink Bug Invasion Promises Foul Fall

“An invading force is laying the groundwork for a coup in the United States this year, and it’s going on right under our noses.”

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Tomo plus Firewire teaser

Written by philoSURFer on September 26th, 2012

Per their Instagram account this week, Firewire teased this photo of their recently announced Tomo collaboration.

I’m salivating. Can’t wait to give one a go.

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Humpday Board Porn: Album Surfboards

Written by philoSURFer on September 19th, 2012

Dear Matt,

Please send me one of each of these beautiful sleds to love and abuse.

Phil O’Surfical




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Drink in some Heitorade

Written by philoSURFer on September 18th, 2012

Heitor. Lowers. Awesome. Drink it in.

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Why Mick Fanning shouldn’t have won at Teahupoo

Written by philoSURFer on August 29th, 2012

It’s no secret that I have little love for Mick Fanning. He did, however, post a series of convincing wins this past Monday in Tahiti. Despite his domination of the final day at the 2012 Billabong Pro at Teahupoo, he shouldn’t have ever made it past the third round.

On the second to last day of the waiting period, Mick had the good luck to draw Freddy Patacchia in the opening round of the day, Round 3, Heat 1. The judges had yet to set their scales and Mick decided it was going to be a three to the beach heat. The judges agreed. Mick posted a 7.67 on his first wave with a series of turns that wouldn’t have garnered a 4.0 later in the round or later in the competition. He backed it up with a 6.50, fueled by a half-hearted barrel dodging attack that concluded with an incomplete turn on the closing section.

Meantime, Freddy P. opened with a low 4.67 for a short barrel followed by a series of hacks, all completed.  The judges punished him further on his second wave, when he decided to forgo topturns and cutties for a cleanly executed double barrel. The result: a three point fucking six seven (3.67).

So, in the opening heat of the second to last day of competition, after 8 consecutive lay days, Freddie P. gets penalized for threading barrels, while Mick gets advanced for dodging barrels. Unreal.

The final day may very well have been Mick’s to claim, but he never should have lived to surf it.  Isn’t the whole point of holding a competition at Teahupoo to put the world’s best in the barrel? Just file Mick’s third round win alongside Adriano DeSouza’s perfect floater in Brazil. All I can guess is that the ASP is keen to give Australia a title again and they know Mick’s the only one capable of closing. So much for a newer, better ASP.

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When SUPing doesn’t suck: Featuring Twilight’s Ashley Greene

Written by philoSURFer on August 16th, 2012

Check out the rest of the photos and article over at the Daily Mail, Mail Online.

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Sex Parts and Shaping Success

Written by philoSURFer on August 15th, 2012


While looking over my quiver the other day which includes boards by Haydenshapes, Nev, Roberts and others, I had a thought- Vaguely sexual names make for great shapers.

The evidence:

• Hayden COX

DICK Brewer

• Robert WEINER


I’ll have to keep an eye out for more at the next Sacred Craft.

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Build the aquatic version of this and you are God

Written by philoSURFer on August 8th, 2012

Dubbed “OTRO”, this architectural gem combines concrete with glow in the dark goodness.

This “skateable artwork” is the creation of South Korean designer Koo Jeong A. Built in Belgium, the point is simple: skate at night without the light.

So, who’s going to start working on a bio-luminescent wave pool?

Check out this link for more details and photos.

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Stu Kennedy kicks ass on a Tomo while more big names drop out of the 2012 Nike U.S. Open of Surfing

Written by philoSURFer on July 30th, 2012

Stu Kennedy aced his round one competition on one of the Daniel Thompson shaped boards he’s been hooked on for the past several months. If you’re not already acquainted with Tomo’s sleds, be sure to hit up his blog to see the latest.

While Stu was punting his way to victory on his unusual craft, other top tour guys were shut out in the first round. Joining the earlier batch of world tour exits are:

Taj Burrow

CJ Hobgood

Matt Wilkinson

It seems a good number of  the top seeds are having a bit of trouble finding their way. Kelly Slater apparently didn’t get the memo, as he just handily defeated his competition.

Hit up the event website for all the action.

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Owen Wright, Ace Buchan and Taylor Knox knocked out in the first round of the 2012 Nike U.S. Open of Surfing

Written by philoSURFer on July 30th, 2012

The blood toll continues as a number of World Tour guys continue to get shown early exits from the 2012 Nike U.S. Open of Surfing.

Joining Mick Fanning on the big league exit bus are:

Taylor Knox

Ace Buchan

Owen Wright

Jordy Smith just dominated and won through his first round heat, but keep watching through the day as the body count rises.

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2012 Nike U.S. Open opens big with Mick Fanning flaming out

Written by philoSURFer on July 30th, 2012

He may be number one in the World Tour rankings, but Mick Fanning found himself comboed out of the first heat of the first round of the 2012 Nike U.S. Open of Surfing.

Cheer up, Eugene. Teahupoo’s only a few weeks away.

Stay tuned to the official site of the 2012 Nike U.S. Open of Surfing, as there are sure to be plenty more upsets to come.

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Bethany Hamilton Receives Wildcard Entry into 2012 Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang Invitational

Written by philoSURFer on July 26th, 2012


Gentlemen, prepare to be trounced.

Per Rip Curl’s press release:
Hawaiian charger Bethany Hamilton has been awarded a wildcard spot in the 2012 Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang Invitational. Hamilton, 22, from Kauai, Hawaii, will be the first-ever woman surfer to compete in the Rip Curl Cup (July 15 – August 26). The fearless goofy-footer, known for her exploits in powerful waves, is relishing the historic opportunity to surf against the best barrel riders on the planet at Bali’s most revered wave.

“The Rip Curl Cup at Padang Padang is the longest running surf event in Indonesia so I am really stoked to get one of the wildcards.” said Hamilton, who arrived in Bali on Tuesday night. “It should be super sick to just go and surf Padang Padang with three other guys. Even though that is a little intimidating, I am just really excited for one day of epic barrel riding.”

Hamilton earned her invitation to the Ultimate Tuberiding Contest based on her solid credentials in big, hollow surf, and her several impressive freesurfing performances out at Padang Padang in recent years. Hamilton has also charged the treacherous barrels at Teahupoo in Tahiti, and is a regular at many of the lesser-known heavy reefbreaks near her home on Kauai.

“I only surfed Padang Padang for two solid swells but I immediately fell in love with the wave,” Hamilton said, “It’s challenging but then once you get a barrel you are just so exhilarated.”

In 2003 Hamilton became arguably the world’s most famous surfer when, at the age of 13, she was attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark while surfing off Kauai’s North Shore. The attack left Hamilton with a severed left arm. Miraculously, just one month after the attack, she returned to the water to continue pursuing her goal of becoming a professional surfer. In 2004 Hamilton published a best-selling autobiography entitled Soul Surfer, which was later made into a major motion picture.

Hamilton has competed in many ASP Women’s World Tour events since turning pro in 2007, but the 2012 Rip Curl Cup will be her first time competing against male surfers in a professional surf contest. In her opening round heat at Padang Padang, Hamilton will surf against Laurie Towner (Australia) and local surfers Mustofa Jeksen (Kuta) and Made Lana (Uluwatu).

Contest Director Pete Matthews also commented: “We’re stoked to be in a position to award Bethany a wildcard spot into the main event, we’ve been discussing it for a few years now after seeing her charge the waves at Padang on each visit to Bali. With the opportunity of surfing with only 3 others in the water, I’m sure Bethany is keen to dominate the uncrowded line-up and with her incredible barrel-riding skills, she will be one to watch’

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2012 Kustom Air Strike pre-porn

Written by philoSURFer on July 20th, 2012

Yeah. This is going to kick ass.

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Lowers gets raided again!

Written by philoSURFer on July 17th, 2012

Just another horror movie spawned on Friday the 13th.

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Oh Brother! Kolohe Andino sidelined with a sprained ankle

Written by philoSURFer on July 17th, 2012


Heal up quickly, Brother.

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Brooklyn attracts kooks, robs them

Written by philoSURFer on July 12th, 2012

Per the New York Post, this young couple is spending $1,500 a month to live in a 275 square foot apartment… in Brooklyn. Of course the guy has a popout longboard with a Go Pro mount on the nose.

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Clay Marzo goes nuts in New York

Written by philoSURFer on July 9th, 2012

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Maya Gabeira gives us some Monday morning inspiration

Written by philoSURFer on July 9th, 2012

This week, ESPN Magazine brings us the fourth annual “Body Issue” and the ever lovely Maya Gabeira stripped down for the cause.

Pick up a copy on newsstands this Wednesday for the full spread.

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Adidas to buy Billabong? – Saturday Evening Speculation

Written by philoSURFer on July 1st, 2012


I’m sitting at home pondering Billabong’s fate on Saturday evening and had an interesting thought about the fate of troubled Billabong.

Adidas will buy Billabong.

This is, of course, just my own personal wholly unsubstantiated conjecture. But… Adidas is alleged to be looking for an opportunity to crack the surfing industry like their sneaker world counterpart Nike did. Nike bought Hurley, Julian Wilson and Kolohe Andino. Adidas hasn’t yet made their first move. With Billabong on the chopping block, what better way to break in than to buy one of the big three surf companies and their roster of world tour athletes at a fire sale price?

Will it happen? We’re just going to have to wait and see.

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Rockaway Beach, NY lands the East Coast premier of Taylor Steele and Nathan Myers’ “Here & Now”

Written by philoSURFer on June 28th, 2012

If you’re in the New York area throughout the Fourth of July superweek, block out the evening of July 7th on your calendar. Rockaway Beach, New York lands the East Coast premier of Taylor Steele and Nathan Myers’ “Here & Now”. Check out the trailer below and read on for the full details of the event.

The Rockaway Beach Surf Club and The New York Surf Film Festival will host the New York City Premiere of Taylor Steele and Nathan Myers’ latest film “Here & Now” on Saturday, July 7th, on an outdoor screen at The Spot at 302 Beach 87th Street in Rockaway Beach, NYC.

The film will be preceded by a live performance from legendary local surf punk band The Supertones.

Sixpoint Brewery, Vita Coco, and Kanon Organic Vodka in collaboration with DiCosmo’s Ices, will be providing complimentary beverages. Roberta’s will be selling a selection of pizzas from their mobile pizza oven.

Doors will open at 7:00 pm

The Supertones will perform at 7:30 pm

“Here & Now” will screen at 9:00 pm

Admission price is $12

Tickets are available at:

“Here & Now” was shot in one day. More than 25 filmmakers and surfers worked in unison to document the world of surfing in a single 24-hour period: May 2, 2012. From world champs like Kelly Slater and Stephanie Gilmore to free spirits like Dave Rastovich, Ozzy Wright and Alex Knost, this project brings together shapers, photographers, legends, beginners, third world, first world and surf world. Some scored big. Otherscouldn’t find a ripple. It’s all part of the surfing experience. From contests to camping, hanging at home or hitting the road, veteran surf filmmakers Taylor Steele and Nathan Myers pull together an epic, international cast to prove the best place to be is here and now.

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It’s Humpday. Boricua style!

Written by philoSURFer on June 27th, 2012


Kristian Ferreira is pushing the limits at Gas Chambers, but he sure isn’t sticking this one-handed sushi roll. Thanks, Surfline for this explosive shot. Click through for the full article at

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Board Porn – LIB Tech RAMP series

Written by philoSURFer on June 26th, 2012

Anyone up for a little waterboarding? That’s what these sub-Canadian, Oregonian boardmakers at LIB Tech call the fruits of their creative labor. I just stumbled upon their sacred craft while cruising the web for a little board innovation.

If the boards look materially different than your standard shortboard, that’s because they are. According to the LIB Tech crew, “Each of the 31 pieces used to construct our surfboards are new materials to the surf industry.” Innovative indeed!

So, back to the RAMP series. Says the tag line, “Magically fast, short, wide, lowest rocker series with a speedy Horsepower thumb tail and flipped full nose. A surf skate for aerials, acceleration and spinning in small to medium waves.”

I’m eyeing up that 5’4″ like a fox in a henhouse and just dying to get my hands on one.

Check out the LIB Tech website for more info, photos and videos.

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Dion Agius finds a slice of Heaven

Written by philoSURFer on June 22nd, 2012

Perfect machine-groomed waves.

Perfect bikini-clad ladies.

Warm water and warmer air.

The only thing missing from this video is me.

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It’s Humpday. Time to watch someone get f@cked!

Written by philoSURFer on June 20th, 2012


Midface on a monster grinder is no place for a wheelie air. Here’s Alex Zawadzki taking one for the team at Shipsterns Bluff, courtesy of Surfline. Click through for the full video at

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Happy International Surfing Day!

Written by philoSURFer on June 20th, 2012


Go get a wave, give a wave, share a wave.

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I need Waves in my Garden

Written by philoSURFer on June 19th, 2012

I’ve been watching and waiting patiently for the bigger version of this man made wave. It’s now alleged to be arriving “this summer”. ‘Til then, enjoy watching some of the world’s best have a go at the most perfect knee high wave on the planet.

Keep an eye on Wave Garden’s official site for the big announcement.

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Dogs surfing, setting records for owners’ egos

Written by philoSURFer on June 18th, 2012

I hate Mondays. Thanks for this (strictly) human interest piece, CNN.

Disclaimer: No dogs enjoyed themselves during the filming of this video.

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Surfing Life presents: The one that got away

Written by philoSURFer on June 13th, 2012

Volcom Fiji Pro: Unridden Monster from Surfing Life on Vimeo.

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No Tour for old men

Written by philoSURFer on June 11th, 2012

Just dropped some thoughts on Taylor Knox over at Head on over and check it out.

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It’s Monday and you’re safe at work

Written by philoSURFer on June 11th, 2012

Failure to launch. Courtesy of the 2012 Volcom Fiji Pro.

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Global Surf Industries – there’s an App for that

Written by philoSURFer on May 9th, 2012


Continuing their trend of innovation in bringing the boards to the people, Global Surf Industries has debuted its own interactive iPad catalog.

Mark Kelly showed me the working beta version a few months back, but this release brings GSI’s entire board catalog to the public in a user friendly iPad format. Its easy to navigate interface makes picking your next board easy. Too easy. I’m now forced to struggle in hi-definition over which Haydenshape to order from my new iPad.

Keep watching for more great things from GSI and log on to iTunes today to download the official Global Surf Industries app.

Here’s the official press release:


May 4, 2012 – In order to reduce their carbon footprint by cut down on paper waste, transportation and to keep up with their progressive product distribution, Global Surf Industries has decided to take a digital turn with their 2012 catalogue, by developing it on iPads for sales representatives, store buyers and consumers. The easy-to-navigate app includes the latest information on GSI’s full product range, including surfboards, stand up paddleboards and paddles.

In addition to specific product information, the GSI catalogue app includes local recommended retail pricing and videos for each surfboard, featuring commentary from the board’s designers and action footage. The digital format also allows for detailed explanations and renderings of GSI’s innovative technologies.

“We are stoked to be one of, if not the, first company within our industry to embrace this new technology in such a way,” exclaimed Tess Kelly, Digital Media Director, Global Surf Industries. “It’s the ultimate tool to showcase our always updating product range, and will allow the sales team, buyers and consumers to connect on a whole new level.”

The digital catalogue features products from 7S, NSP, Walden, McTavish, Webber, Haydenshapes, Aloha, Webber, Blue, Modern, Stewart, Meyerhoffer, Gnaraloo Soft Surfboard, Surf Series, The Seaglass Project and Trident. The app is continually updated for use in surf retail locations and is available in the iTunes Store for free.

Carolyn Conners

About Global Surf Industries
Founded in 2002 in Manly Australia, their mantra – Life is better when you surf – says it all about this company. Global Surf Industries is the world’s premier surfboard company and aims to continue to be the catalyst for positive changes within the surfboard industry worldwide to help increase the levels of professionalism on the business side, as well as increasing the enjoyment had by surfers around the globe on a daily basis. Global Surf Industries currently distributing their products in 57 countries.

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(Shark) Food for Thought

Written by philoSURFer on April 30th, 2012


Check out this infographic created over at the National Post detailing unprovoked worldwide shark attacks over the past 100 years.

I’d love to see a similar graphic for provoked attacks.


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File under WTF: Looks like I’ll need to dust off my 5’3″ step-up on Monday

Written by philoSURFer on April 20th, 2012


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Dane Reynolds most cringe-inducing performance to date

Written by philoSURFer on April 11th, 2012

Here’s Dane Reynolds riding a piece of shit shaped by good friend, Alex Knost.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Commenters on suggest he’s like “Curren” and the “next Rob Machado, for sure”. Ironic, since both Curren and Machado would love to be back on tour.

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Balaram Stack shares his Jordy Smith memorabilia on Instagram

Written by philoSURFer on April 11th, 2012


Balaram Stack posted the hands-down Instagram photo of the week- one of the best pieces of surf memorabilia around- a certified Jordy Smith signature.

Thanks for sharing, Bal.

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Samsung’s NYC advertising FAIL

Written by philoSURFer on April 3rd, 2012


Here’s a bit of big corporate surf exploitation snapped last week by a friend of mine on a New York City subway platform.

Samsung continues its recent history of trend-stealing, capitalizing off the surfing thang. This is only the latest volley from a company whose main success is copying the technology of innovators (Apple) and producing components for innovators (Apple).

Very cutting edge, Samsung. Oh, and by the way, 1987 wants its stylus back.

The big question is: Why is shaggy bro carrying a three-board coffin on a subway to Rockaway beach?

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Be a Part of Surf History – Help Fire and Water get funded on

Written by philoSURFer on March 29th, 2012

Head on over to the official Kickstarter page for Fire and Water, donate, and be a part of real surf history.

Thomas Brookins, my good friend, neighbor and the award winning director of the New York City surf history documentary, Shadows of the Same Sun, has poured his heart and wallet into his latest film, Fire and Water.

So what’s this one all about? Per the intro on the official Kickstarter page:

This is the story of Don “Gums” Eichin, from Long Island NY, who was one of a handfull of pioneering surfers in the late 1950′s and 60′s that set out to make a life in Hawaii. Don was joined by some of surfing’s greatest legends, testing their skills in the big waves of Hawaii’s Northshore; surfing Oahu’s Banzai Pipeline, Wiamea, and “Gums”, the infamous spot named after one of Don’s worst wipeout. Returning to NYC in the late 60′s, he became a New York City Firefighter during one of the most dangerous times in NYC history. Living a life that is no less than legend, his passion for surfing, the ocean and firefighting passed through a generation inspiring his family and friends to surf and become FDNY Firefighters.
This film is an important lost surfing tale that is still being written today as Don’s sons, Eric & Randy follow in their father’s footsteps alongside good friends Brian Walsh & Casey Skudin. It is an eye opening look at how surfers from New York have always been there and how these surfers gained respect amongst surfers from all over the world.

As I mentioned, Thomas Brookins has poured his heart and wallet into making this film. Along the way he developed and has had to battle cancer, yet still he soldiers on in his quest to see his story through to the end.

Donate for surf history, donate for good will, donate for good karma. Just donate to see how this story ends.

Again, head over to the official Kickstarter page and give.

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What’s better than finishing runner-up in an ASP Prime? Being Ola Eleogram

Written by philoSURFer on March 28th, 2012

I was watching the quarters through the finals of the 2012 Drug Aware Pro at Margaret River the other day and couldn’t help but take note of something runner-up, Olamana Eleogram said. He referred to his girlfriend by her full name.

Rather than simply saying, “my girlfriend, Monyca”, he said, “my girlfriend, Monyca Byrne-Wickey”.

He didn’t really say anything wrong, but this formality is not how one normally refers to their significant other. I don’t recall ever hearing Kelly Slater refer to his girlfriend as Kalani Miller. Nor was Lyndie (Dupuis) Irons ever called anything other than Lyndie by AI. Even Dane Reynolds gives regular shout-outs to his long-time gal, Courtney Jaedtke, but you’ll never hear him refer to her as anything more formal than Courtney.

So why does Ola use Monyca’s full hyphenated name?

Oh. Now I get it. To remind the world that there is something better than making the finals of an ASP Prime.

Monyca Byrne-Wickey.

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Underaged Hollywood goes for a surf – Courtney Stodden

Written by philoSURFer on March 16th, 2012


Just hours after the photos of middle-aged Hollywood surfers popped up, Daily Mail brought us another gem. For your viewing pleasure (courtesy of, I give you Courtney Stodden learning to surf.

Courtney who? Courtney Stodden, the 40 year old looking, plastic fantastic, underaged teen bride of Doug Hutchison.

Doug who? Doug Hutchison, the 52 year old actor with forgettable roles in The Green Mile and Lost.


We know Doug does.





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Middle-aged Hollywood goes for a surf

Written by philoSURFer on March 15th, 2012

Left to right: Liev Schreiber, Chris Bauer and Simon Baker

Three middle-aged Hollywood guys go out for a surf in L.A. and mug for the cameras. So what’s their surf cred?

According to

Simon Baker, The Mentalist, was born in Tasmania and “as a teen, competed on a state level in surfing and water polo”.

Liev Schreiber, aka Wolverine’s asshole brother, was born in San Francisco, moved to Canada at age 1 and to New York’s lower east side at age five. At least he’s partnered up with an Aussie smokeshow, Naomi Watts.

Chris Bauer, better known as Sheriff Andy Bellefleur on True Blood, was L.A. born and went to high school in Orinda, CA, a few miles east of Oakland.

While it’s easy to think Simon Baker might be the best surfer of the bunch, I have a gut feeling Chris Bauer, the least famous of the trio, surfs circles around the other two.

Photos courtesy of

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Humpday Board Porn – Inner Circle Surfcraft

Written by philoSURFer on March 14th, 2012






Inner Circle Surfcraft is cranking out absolute surf candy in a Brooklyn warehouse. Swing by their site and check out their latest creations and growing collection of unique boards and handplanes.

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Mark Healey makes danger his bitch

Written by philoSURFer on March 12th, 2012

Caution, meet wind. Wind, meet caution.

If this is what it now takes for Mark Healey to get an adrenaline rush, maybe we should all rethink getting into big wave surfing in the first place.

Mark’s one hell of a waterman, but his crazytalk is beginning to remind me of this:

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A Prickle of Hedgehogs

Written by philoSURFer on March 9th, 2012

A prickle of hedgehogs

A school of fish

A murder of crows

A pod of kooks

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Volcom Pro Fiji still a go?

Written by philoSURFer on March 8th, 2012

Now rumor has it that rumors of an impending cancellation of the Volcom Pro Fiji were nothing more than rumors.

Fiji might be safe, but I still can’t help but feel like we’re all waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Hey, Teahupoo. How you doin’?

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Stacked – The Balaram Stack short film gets a trailer

Written by philoSURFer on March 6th, 2012

Stacked- Official Trailer from Stacked on Vimeo.

Waves in New York? Pffffft.

While we’re waiting for the next contest to fall of the World Tour, take a look at this trailer for Stacked. It’s the real story behind Balaram Stack, the local wildcard at the 2011 Quiksilver Pro New York (which was cancelled for this year).

Don’t recognize his name?

He’s the New Yorkah who scored a perfect 10 at the 2012 Volcom Pipe Pro.


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Don’t take away my ‘poo too!

Written by philoSURFer on March 3rd, 2012

Is Billabong teeing up to pull the plug on Teahupoo now too?

Message boards around the world are lighting up with rumors saying it’s inevitable.

Is this hearsay, conjecture or just malicious rumor mongoring?

Please don’t take away my ‘poo!

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Ferrari don’t surf!

Written by philoSURFer on March 1st, 2012

Just spied this while passing a Ferrari dealership on Park Avenue in NYC and couldn’t resist. ‘Cause nothing says luxury and cutting edge like a Ferrari branded funboard. For the bro deal price of just $1,426.00, you could own your very own. Go shralp!

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CLOUDBROKEN? Now Fiji is getting the ax?

Written by philoSURFer on February 29th, 2012

They say bad news comes in threes. For the ASP, it comes in fours.

If Stab Magazine and the rumors flooding the infonets are right, we’re just days away from hearing that the Volcom Pro in Fiji is being shitcanned like the Billabong Pro at Jeffreys Bay, the Quiksilver Pro in New York and the Rip Curl Pro Search.

Canceling events is the new big thing. Ya listening, O’Neill? There’s still time to call off the Cold Water Classic.

Time for a reboot.

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J-Bay goes away. Fucking A.

Written by philoSURFer on February 24th, 2012

I’m still reeling from the cancellation of the Quiksilver Pro New York and the “postponement” of the Rip Curl Pro Search, and now Billabong has gone and killed the Billabong Pro at J-Bay.

To quote the greatest mind of the 21st century, Brennan Huff, “I’ve got a belly full of white dog crap and now you lay this shit on me?”


Like Quik before it, Billabong is now crying poverty. The sharks are circling and the tide’s coming in. This latest cancellation is a slap in the face to competitors, fans, and arguably the best righthand point break on the planet.

What’s next on the chopping block?

Bells? Pipeline?

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Kenny Powers shows us how to hold down a lineup

Written by philoSURFer on February 21st, 2012

Kenny fucking Powers is back!

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Global Surf Industries brings Haydenshapes into the family

Written by philoSURFer on February 10th, 2012

When I was sitting with GSI’s Mark Kelly eight months back, I lamented the lack of board diversity in the GSI line for the 6’0″ and under set. Kel lit up with an ear to ear smile and said, “wait for it”.

At the time, Kel had just inked a deal with Hayden Cox of HaydenShapes fame. For the uninitiated, Hayden is the young Aussie shaper behind Craig Anderson’s magic quiver. The Saffa born, Aussie adopted Ando is one of Quiksilver’s hottest young talents and one of the most inspiring aerialists on the planet. If you’ve seen Ando surf, you’ll immediately understand the significance of Hayden’s craft. If you haven’t, watch this, then read on.

Today, the Hayden line has gone live in Australia with an initial run filling the antipodal shops as I write this. Kel says the U.S. is just a few months away from seeing the arrival of the GSI Hayden line, but I’ll be first in line to grab one when they drop.

The lineup includes:

  • the Shred Sled – an all-arounder fish without the fish tail
  • the Shred Sled Grom – for the little rippa’
  • the Hypto Crypto – an ultra versatile step down board that works in everything
  • The Ando – Craig Anderson’s signature shortboard
  • the Blakcat – Hayden’s take on the standard high performance shortboard
  • the Psychedelic Germ – the Shred Sled with a displacement hull in a funhouse mirror
  • Combining modern goodness with stringerless carbon fiber-railed awesomeness, Hayden has put together a modern quiver for the masses. Check out the complete HaydenShapes lineup over at Global Surf Industries’ website. Counting down the days until I get my hands on one some!

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    Balaram Stack continues his Hawaiian rally with a perfect 10

    Written by philoSURFer on February 1st, 2012

    Beating Liam McNamara in a heat two days ago at the Volcom Pipe Pro was a huge accomplishment for New York’s Balaram Stack.

    Snagging a perfect 10 while completely comboing and dominating a stacked heat of Hawaiians in big Pipe makes him a legend.

    Bal showed amazing poise, excellent wave selection, total commitment and absolute balls of steel in the oversized conditions.

    Now, he has drawn John John Florence in the next round. Let’s hope he can keep his momentum through to the finals.

    Go Bal!


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    Balaram Stack makes New York proud one heat at a time

    Written by philoSURFer on January 31st, 2012


    Talent: Coming from New York and winning a four man heat at “small” Pipe with Liam McNamara in your heat.

    Balls: Coming from New York and paddling out into a four man heat at jumbo-sized Pipe with three Hawaiians: Granger Larsen, Tonino Benson and Kalani Chapman.

    Go Bal!

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    Board Review – Meyerhoffer Pill or how I got my flow back

    Written by philoSURFer on January 16th, 2012

    The Surfboard, Sweded

    When I first caught a glimpse of one of Thomas Meyerhoffer’s peanut-shaped longboards a while back, I wrote it off as merely a novelty for the Joel Tudor/Alex Knost camp. Its outside appearance screamed design over function, but the reviews that poured in from all corners would suggest otherwise.

    Then, I saw one of the boards in the flesh, spoke at length with the wizard behind these unique shapes, and began to understand. Rather than adding or removing fins, or simply tweaking materials, volume, rocker or concave, Meyerhoffer rethought the surfboard, creating a whole new outline.

    Tempting as “the peanut” was to try, my general aversion to longboarding made me keep my distance. Then, when Meyerhoffer started dropping boards more in line with the six-oh-or-nothing-bro set (of which I am a proud, card-holding member), I knew I had to give one a go.

    Popping Pills

    The Pill arrived on my doorstep courtesy of GSI, the best board distribution company on the planet. I anxiously unboxed it, revealing a real pill shaped 5’8″ piece of art. The board’s clean white lines are only interrupted by an artfully gray-dipped tail and a few small logos. For it’s coloring, Meyerhoffer utilizes a white resin tint, which eliminates the visible stringer and draws more attention to the overall design.

    At 5’8″ x 19 1/2″ x 2 9/16″, the board, for lack of a better word, looks like a pill. It wasn’t quite egg shaped, as the nose and tail volume are far more pulled in and tapered than an egg. Though, it did make me think that this is what the offspring would look like if you mated my 5’2″ Roberts White Diamond with a 7’0″ egg. The volume was solidly in the center of the board and the performance was in the nose and tail. The wafer-thin nose includes a generous helping of rocker, making the design less retro and more “let’s go”.

    Flipping the board over reveals where the magic happens. The nose leads with a deep single concave that turns into a serious double concave as you move towards the tail. We’re talking serious twin tunnels for speed and drive. The fin setup was equally awesome. Meyerhoffer offers up five-fin FCS goodness, allowing the rider to choose a twin, thruster, quad or even quint setup (eat your heart out, undecided). I immediately went for the quad setup, as it just felt right with the overall design.

    Always Take Pills With Water

    I took the Pill out in my backyard the following afternoon for a first run in some lumpy shoulder high surf. Unsurprisingly, she paddled like a dream and had no problem snagging waves. I was blown away at the speed the board generated and the arcs it drew in the less than ideal conditions. The Pill went top to bottom with the same ease as my regular shortboard, but the extra center volume gave it a bit more flow.

    The next day, the surf had cleaned up considerably, but the heavy offshores had knocked the waves down to knee high and less. The Pill got me into micro-waves that would have easily eluded my standard shortboard. The speed of the board was still there in the small conditions, but the overall ride felt more trim-y, like a longboard. I was picking off fast little baby waves with a handful of longboarders on a day I would otherwise probably not have bothered surfing. I was a grom again.

    As one who is accustomed to smaller, thinner, faster and harder, the Pill made me adjust my approach. The ride was definitely less about generating speed and more about controlling the flow and drawing clean lines. Though it could comfortably be pused through and above the lip, the Pill made me pay more attention to the face.

    Who should pick up the Pill? Everyone. For a longboarder looking to go short, it’s a perfect transition board. For a shortboarder looking to work on their ground game, it’s a stellar alternative to mod or retro fish. For a surfer looking to score a solid addition to their quiver that is neither fish, nor fowl, the Pill is the perfect all arounder.

    Hit up your local shop today or your favorite online retailer to check one out or order your own.

    For more details, head on over to Thomas Meyerhoffer’s site or to the Global Surf Industries webpage.

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    Dane Reynolds’ Exit-planation

    Written by philoSURFer on December 29th, 2011


    Still struggling with getting through that Dane Reynolds “declaration of independence” letter? Too long, didn’t read? Too grammar-missing, couldn’t read? Well, here’s a two word summary:

    OVER IT.

    What have we learned from Dane’s final “pirouette”?

    - he takes his crayons very, very seriously.

    - we should feel blessed that the ocean is not made of acid that burns our skin off.

    - he has a heart and bones and muscle and skin and eyes and teeth.

    - his brother’ name is Brek. No, seriously. Brek.

    - he really doesn’t like Chris Mauro.

    - he’d rather be rawdogging waves of consequence with John John.

    I hate you for leaving, Dane, but never really expected you to stay. Stay raw Dane-boy. Stay raw.

    As always, I’ll be keeping an eye on his blog for moments of inspiration and unintended comedy. If you’d like to review the original cut of his exit letter, here it is in all of its (seriously) unedited glory:

    “i’ve been getting some pressure from various people and/or websites to write something, sorta like an official statement concerning my exit from the world tour. my dismount. my pirouette. ‘an opportunity level with your fans.’ that’s what they tell me. people wanna know whats goin on. be up to date. i can understand that. i like knowing whats going on. i like being up to date.
    one thing to remember is that i have a heart and i have bones and muscle and skin and eyes and teeth. i have emotions. sometimes i act according to emotions. sometimes i think and make a conscious decision. i usually do that. in fact i usually think too much. sorta neurotic. i make mistakes, and i deal with them. i have fears and i have anxiety and i have insecurities and i have vices which i often give in to. social situations enhance all of these qualities. i could probably use some discipline, and lots of things bum me out, but generally i’m happy, and i enjoy making other people happy. sometimes all it takes is a smile. sometimes it takes a lot more than that. i try to be honest. especially with myself. i know that i’m fortunate. i’m sitting here and i have a pulse and i can breath and i hear birds outside and the buzz of the freeway and the suns about to set and it’s a friday. that’s fortune. i also know that i’m fortunate in many other ways. three brands support me and enable me to surf every day and travel and eat and have a house to live in. in return i represent their company in a positive way. i feel like i do a decent job. but that’s obviously up for debate. surfing is my passion in life. i always think about how lucky we are that there’s even an ocean, and its not too hot or too turbulent and it’s not made of acid that burns our skin off. and how lucky is it that the land tapers into the ocean in just the right way so that when lumps of energy approach from a thousand miles away they gently rise up and crash at just the perfect speed so that we can wave our little arms and match their speed and hang at the crest weightless for just a second before sliding down the face. free to ride it in any way you please. and there’s not just one of them. there’s tons of them. they keep coming. all different sizes shapes and speeds. everyday they’re different. endless joy.

    there are of course a number of things that get in the way of feeling this joy: crowds, twitter impostors, eggy locals, eggy surf bloggers, overzealous surf photographers, chris mauro and rip curl contests, just to name a few. that was sort of a joke, but not really, and besides, surfing isn’t just about joy. it’s also a sport. an industry. and we must not mix business with pleasure. by accepting endorsements i assume a certain responsibility. some think that responsibility is to compete. to put on a jersey and crush my opponent. despite a flimsy one dimensional criteria and an inconsistent playing field that causes the end result to rarely come down to performance alone. maybe that’s the fun of it. i don’t know. i do enjoy it. but do i believe in it? enough to dedicate the better part of my life to it? or is that irrelevant because it’s my responsibility? i didn’t have to answer this question because knee surgery in january answered for me. by the time i was healing i was already gone. three buttons to the wind. adventure over responsibility. career suicide! blowing my potential. wasting my talent. i heard the buzz.

    in all reality i was being constructive in a different way, traveling to a variety of locations and pushing personal boundaries in an attempt to learn, grow, and improve. it’s not as immediate as a contest webcast, and heaven forbid its enjoyable, but in the end it’s equally important and i’ve been neglecting it for too long because i was in a comfy space where contest results alone were satisfying. in order to be successful in surf competition you need to refine your act into a nice little package presentable in a 30 minute period in a number of trying conditions. you need to kill the variables. trim the loose ends. stay on your board. know your equipment. wave selection. endlessly try to revisit motions that score the most points. there are obviously exceptions to this. kelly slaters full rotation slob air reverse in new york. that was not a motion revisited and it was epic. on the beach afterwards: ‘so kelly slater, how was that slob air reverse!’ ‘oh, is that what that’s called?’ also john john florence and gabriel medina. maybe it’s only a matter of time before they refine their act, but for now i’m really impressed with their competitive success despite such rawness. rawness is good. surfing with john john this year in japan was enlightening. it was like every wave he was exploring new territory. i wanna explore new territory! i wanna unwind! by the end of the trip i felt improved and rejuvenated and then crunch! i busted my ribs at the mercy of a fresh typhoon swell. nearly drowned. another month out of the water. gotta pay to play. especially when you’re trying to keep up with john john in waves of consequence.

    and so here i am. 26. officially off tour. wasted talent. blown potential. refusing responsibility. ‘all he wants to do is sit at home and play with crayons and ride fucked up boards.’ but wait! but wait! that’s not true! don’t listen to chris mauro. he’s a dinosaur. doesn’t get it. this may be the end as a wct contender, but its also a new beginning. i feel like a baseball. the skins been carefully pried off and there’s a thread and i’m gonna pull it and i’m gonna end up a pile of string on the floor. but then maybe i’ll be knit into something more useful, like a sweater. or perhaps something beautiful, like a hand embroidered masterpiece of a deer and two fawn drinking cold clear water out of a creek. but you never know. i hope to achieve some sort of balance. yeah, i do like riding fucked up boards, but i also like doing airs and taking some aggression out on a cutback. and competings rad if you can stay inspired, but rankings and trophy’s mean very little to me. i wanna learn, i wanna make things, things of purpose, be productive. travel. new experiences. new sensations. and most importantly explore the outer limits of performance surfing. i’ll still compete. but its not going to consume me.

    finding this balance will be a challenge. but its just a step in an endless set of steps. a staircase. it’s sort of a big step. too big to just hop up. i gotta climb. like, with a rope and safety gear and shit. and i might get there and be bummed out and like my old step better but that’s just the mystery of life and i’m happy to experience it. and i’m endlessly in debt to the ones who make it possible. firstly surf fans who have resonated with my surfing for one reason or another, because at the bottom of everything, you’re the only reason i’m able to have the sponsorship that allows me to travel and eat and pay the bills and continue surfing. secondly my sponsors: channel islands believed in me from the ripe age of 13 and continue to craft boards that allow me perform at my highest potential and also craft boards that have nothing to do with performance at all, but make you realize how much joy you can get out of a simple high line. i thank quiksilver for their unwavering support, re-signing me during a year of uncertainty and working with me on honest marketing and products. i also thank vans for picking me up. every person on the team is one of my favorite surfers and/or people and i’m honored to be apart of it. there are, of course, hundreds of people worth thanking here, but this is who comes to mind tonight: my girlfriend courtney, for giving me inspiration, giving me perspective, giving me love and giving me treats. blair, for keeping my otherwise maelstrom of a life in order. my parents, for their conflicting views. i don’t think i would have done very well in an ordinary functioning family household. my father particularly for dedicating countless weekends driving me up and down the coast to compete. that was a huge sacrifice. also my mom for preaching creativity, fearlessness, and keeping everything bullshit free. and my brother brek for administering many humbling experiences from a very early age. my grandparents, for being probably my biggest fans on earth. particularly grandma bonnie and papa chuck, who come to every surf contest on the west coast. they show up at 7 am to get good parking, even if i surf at 3. and also grandpa bob for giving me his super 8 cameras when i was 18 and instilling a lifelong hobby.

    Posted on Dec 20, 2011 08:54:05 AM”

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    ASP World Tour kills midyear shuffle

    Written by philoSURFer on December 28th, 2011


    …and Bobby Martinez’s lunatic rantings are vindicated. Well, at least the parts about the midyear cut.

    Ignoring the critics, Gabriel Medina dropped in mid-season 2011 and quickly became the living justification for the midyear shuffle. However, with the state of the World Tour seemingly growing more fucked by the week, the powers that be have decided to scrap the mid-season cut for 2012.

    Here’s the official statement from the ASP via

    The ASP Board of Directors has voted to deactivate the midyear rotation in 2012, citing scheduling uncertainties as the primary reason.

    “This has been an extremely challenging decision for us to make,” Dave Prodan, ASP International spokesman, said. “We believe that the 2011 rotation brought in some incredible talent that proved they deserved to be amongst the world’s best with their performances throughout the back half of the year. However, the instability of the ASP schedule (especially in 2012) makes the concept very difficult to manage. Where would we schedule the rotation? How do we ensure there are fair and balanced opportunities in every rotation for surfers to qualify? As we have been since our inception, we are a sport governed by the surfers for the surfers and it is in this spirit that we have voted to deactivate the midyear rotation in 2012. We believe this decision is best for the upcoming season and we will continue to discuss the future of the rotation within the sport.”

    The motion to discontinue the midyear rotation was initially tabled and supported by the surfer stakeholder group, headed by representative and 2012 Billabong Pipe Master Kieren Perrow (AUS), 34.

    “The midyear rotation worked out better than we could have imagined this season, but looking ahead, the surfers feel that it will not have the long-term effects desired for the sport,” Perrow said. “This is felt by the majority of the surfers from the very top of the ASP Top 34 to the qualifiers in the Prime and Star events. What we have created is a system in which the very best surfers in the world are currently within the ASP Top 34, but the process of getting there is becoming disorganized. We don’t want that and the decision to not have the midyear rotation in 2012 is the best thing for the sport.”

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    Sean Collins, R.I.P.

    Written by philoSURFer on December 27th, 2011


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    A Tribute to soapbox.surftalk

    Written by philoSURFer on December 22nd, 2011

    I’m turning blue in the face, holding my breath for the next installment of “CAUGHT RED HANDED” by the beautiful mind behind the new blog, soapbox.surftalk. While waiting for my next moment of zen, I thought I’d throw up my own little tribute, a faux-exposé on Alex Knost.

    Who is this stylish man-magnet?

    Is this him innovating?

    Look at him rock…

    …but watch out for his dangerous gang!

    What is he doing in the Arctic?

    Is this him creating?

    Why isn’t his art in museums?

    Hey! What’s he doing with that guy’s wallet?

    Why would he do this to a perfectly good pair of skinny jeans?

    Let his sponsor know what you think

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    New Blog targeting surfing’s “hipper” side

    Written by philoSURFer on December 21st, 2011


    What’s cooler than being too cool for school?

    Watching someone who thinks they’re too cool for school get exposed for being a complete douchebag.

    A blog entitled soapbox.surftalk has just popped up, exposing a handful of surfing’s more self-indulgent personalities. In the four days since launching, the nameless blogger has already published alleged acts of vandalism by retro-kooks- Tyler Warren, Mikey DeTemple and Kyle Lightner. If the photos are legit, it seems like all three have some ‘splainin to do.

    I can’t wait to see who’s next.

    Al Knost must be shitting in his tights right now.

    Head over to soapbox.surftalk to check out the latest bohemian carnage.

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    Why Celebs Shouldn’t Surf: Gerard Butler Edition

    Written by philoSURFer on December 20th, 2011


    Gerard Butler may have kicked ass in 300, but he found himself in way over his head on the set of his latest shoot.

    According to etonline:

    Gerard Butler was taken to the hospital recently while filming a stunt for his new movie Of Men and Mavericks, ET has learned.

    While filming a surfing scene in Northern California, Butler was taken down by a wave.

    A rep for the actor gave this statement to ET: “He’s fine. Very scary. They brought him to Stanford University. More scary than anything. For precaution, we all wanted him checked out after it all happened. Came out with flying colors.”

    Looking forward to seeing this glorious takedown when the movie drops in October 2012.

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    Quiksilver Pro New York cancelled for 2012

    Written by philoSURFer on December 16th, 2011


    The rumor mill said this was coming and now it’s official. There will be NO Quiksilver Pro event in New York in 2012.

    The Shitty of Long Beach tried unsuccessfully killing the event in 2011, then went nuts over all the revenue it brought in. Prior to the event even starting this past fall, Quiksilver was rumored to have said they would never be coming back to Long Beach due to all the shit the city put them through. I guess they stand by their (alleged) word.

    All hope is not lost for New York. My sources tell me that Billabong and Nike are ready to take up the slack and are reportedly eyeing a big ticket New York contest for 2012. Stay tuned.

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    Top 34 decided, but where’s Dane?

    Written by philoSURFer on December 13th, 2011

    The top 34 are chosen and one absence is most noticeable. Dane Reynolds, “the most exciting surfer on the planet” or, as Kelly Slater calls him, “the best surfer in the world”, has been put out to pasture. And, that’s okay with him.

    This really shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Dane’s been skipping events all year due to “injuries”, though he’s found plenty of time to free surf. Quiksilver even joked about his absences at an event midway through the season, questioning whether Dane was really injured or just “over it”. If it wasn’t already apparent, it appears he is indeed “over it”, for now.

    While I’d love to watch Dane’s triumphant return to the Tour, I have a hard time imagining him chasing qualifying points around the world to get back to a job he didn’t love in the first place.

    Love or hate the Tour, it puts the surfers on it in the world spotlight better than any other existing medium. Leave the tour and your visibility falls off considerably. He might have been well advised to check in with a few of the guys who gave up on Tour first.

    I can appreciate more than anyone the desire to just throw your job aside and surf, without rules or expectations, schedules or time constraints. Perhaps Dane can be the first to make this a profitable practice. I hope he finds more fulfillment in his scribbles, faux retro photography and free surfing than he ever found on Tour. Though, I kinda suspect the money won’t be nearly as good.

    I give you your updated top 34 for 2012, plus alternates, courtesy of the ASP-

    2012 ASP TOP 34:
    1. Kelly Slater (USA)
    2. Joel Parkinson (AUS)
    3. Taj Burrow (AUS)
    4. Gabriel Medina (BRA)
    5. Owen Wright (AUS)
    6. Adriano de Souza (BRA)
    7. Julian Wilson (AUS)
    8. Jordy Smith (ZAF)
    9. Alejo Muniz (BRA)
    10. Michel Bourez (PYF)
    11. Josh Kerr (AUS)
    12. Damien Hobgood (USA)
    13. John John Florence (HAW)
    14. Mick Fanning (AUS)
    15. Jeremy Flores (FRA)
    16. Heitor Alves (BRA)
    17. Miguel Pupo (BRA)
    18. Adrian Buchan (AUS)
    19. Kieren Perrow (AUS)
    20. Bede Durbidge (AUS)
    21. Raoni Monteiro (BRA)
    22. Brett Simpson (USA)
    23. Adam Melling (AUS)
    24. Kolohe Andino (USA)
    25. C.J. Hobgood (USA)
    26. Tiago Pires (PRT)
    27. Jadson Andre (BRA)
    28. Matt Wilkinson (AUS)
    29. Patrick Gudauskas (USA)
    30. Dusty Payne (HAW)
    31. Travis Logie (ZAF)
    32. Taylor Knox (USA)
    33. Kai Otton (AUS) *surfer wildcard (next on the ASP World Rankings)
    34. Yadin Nicol (AUS) *surfer wildcard (injury)
    1st Alternate: Fredrick Patacchia (HAW)
    2nd Alternate: Willian Cardoso (BRA)
    3rd Alternate: Chris Davidson (AUS)
    4th Alternate: Thiago Camarao (BRA)

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    Dane Reynolds is back?

    Written by philoSURFer on December 2nd, 2011


    Yesterday, he brought his A game. But, is he here to stay? Wondering if he is going to pull a Dane and just fail to show up today. Not having an ultra-early morning heat might just give him a shot.

    In any event, it was great to be reminded of just how brightly he can shine…

    when he shows up.

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    One Word: Carissa

    Written by philoSURFer on November 21st, 2011


    The Triple Crown is finally about to go live this morning and there’s only one word that matters:


    How long have we been hearing about Carissa Moore surfing better than the boys? It was only a matter of time before she got the chance to prove it on the big stage. And, if she has any degree of success, it could forever change the game.

    Ever the victims of this patriarchal world, the ladies got completely fucked out of a Hawaiian event this year. While the men have watched the prize purse grow year after year, the gals watched theirs disappear. Yet, as the money has evaporated, the level of female surfing has gone from sideshow to main event. How could we not give them the stage/money/attention they deserve?

    Have the money men not seen the ladies on tour these days? Not only has their surfing evolved to the highest level, but the ladies themselves are absolute eye candy. It wasnt all that long ago that most of the gals on tour looked like Occy in drag. Now they look like angels.

    I’m pulling for Carissa to win. I’m hoping her talent finds her on the winner’s podium for at least one of the Triple Crown events. Even better would be seeing her earn a seed in the Pipe Masters.

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    Alana Blanchard and Monyca Byrne-Wickey GoPro

    Written by philoSURFer on November 21st, 2011

    GoPro video never looked so good.

    No, seriously. It never looked as good as this.

    Thank you, Alana and Monyca.

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    Oh, Alana! I can’t take my eyes off your…

    Written by philoSURFer on November 21st, 2011


    ….fin placement.

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    Sorry, Parko. I’m moving on.

    Written by philoSURFer on November 14th, 2011


    I feel bad writing this, Parko, but someone has to.

    It’s not you. It’s me.

    You haven’t changed. You have that same powerfully smooth, effortless style that you’ve had since you made the tour, but I’m just not feeling it anymore. I can no longer support your candidacy as a world title contender. I wanted you to win the title in 2009 so badly, but you let your “best mate” Mick Fanning drop in on you and steal your glory.

    Now, you’ve gone and let the tour move beyond you. Almost everyone else seems to be moving forward or adapting. Taj Burrow has always favored being in the air, Kelly Slater has always transcended, and the kids… well… You get the point. You have to get busy punting or get busy dying becoming the next Taylor Knox.

    I know you can do it, Joel. You possess the ability to boost with the best of them, and occasionally do so (once you have a couple of high scores already locked in). Now, just turn that icy slick style into fin free wafts, full rotation pops and nose pick reverses, and you’ll be back at the front of the pack in no time. Or, keep maintaining your perfect ground game and you’ll do just well enough to keep a slot on tour.

    The choice is yours.

    Taylor’s had a great run and continues to get the chance to travel and surf with the world’s best surfers. But, is that all you ever really wanted out of life, just the chance to travel and surf with the best?

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    Brodie Carr says goodbye to the ASP

    Written by philoSURFer on November 10th, 2011


    Thanks for the memories, Brodie!

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    Gabriel Medina has “it”

    Written by philoSURFer on November 10th, 2011

    While all eyes were on the title race between Kelly Slater, Owen Wright and (sometimes) Adriano de Souza, Gabriel Medina was at work.

    Then, Adriano was knocked out of the running.

    Then, Kelly became World Champ.

    Then, Kelly personally pointed out the erroneous calculation that led to his illegitimate early crowning.

    Then, eyes were back on Owen.

    Then, Kelly became World Champ… again, the title race was over and the remainder of the event was little more than window dressing.

    However, Gabriel Medina still kept things interesting and had the world tuning in long after the title was settled. This young upstart was surfing circles around the best of the best, icing and dicing the 11 time world champ and all others, completely undeterred by the premature end of the title hunt.

    Gabriel may only have been around since the midyear cut, but if he walks away without rookie of the year, something’s seriously wrong in the house of the ASP. The 17 year old’s two World Tour wins within half a season of events is legendary. Just imagine what he might have done if he had surfed the front half of the season too.

    If the ASP doesn’t fuck this one up, they’ll put Gabriel on a pedestal and promote the hell out of him as an eventual world champ and a shining example of why the mid-season shuffle works.

    Let’s see how they mismanage this little free lunch.

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    Garrett McNamara didn’t really surf a 90 foot wave

    Written by philoSURFer on November 10th, 2011


    Come on! It’s so obviously only 88 feet.

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    Kelly Slater goes to 11… again!

    Written by philoSURFer on November 6th, 2011


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    Kelly Slater back to 10 in 2011

    Written by philoSURFer on November 5th, 2011


    More shocking than the announcement that Kelly Slater didn’t yet clinch his 11th world title was the admission of miscalculation by the ASP.

    It’s only a matter of time before the ASP admits to all of the glaring errors of judgement that plague every nearly every event to date.

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    Dusty Payne gets that sharky feeling at the Rip Curl Pro in San Francisco

    Written by philoSURFer on November 3rd, 2011


    It’s hard to deny Nor Cal’s sharky reputation, but watching a pro surfer throw in the towel mid-heat because of a “shark sighting” will raise more than a few eyebrows.

    Dusty Payne swears he saw a monster and didn’t want to get mauled.

    The parks department have suggested that there were no sharks present in the area at the time.

    Fans who watched the heat agree that Dusty was in serious trouble and would have been completely devoured by a giant, had he stayed in the water.

    That giant was Jordy Smith.

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    Kelly Slater Goes To 11 in 2011!

    Written by philoSURFer on November 3rd, 2011

    How many you got?

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    Surfing Round The World

    Written by philoSURFer on November 2nd, 2011

    A couple of my friends, Delphine and Michael (who happen to be a married couple), have recently set out on a globe roaming surf trip. They’ve given up their jobs, home and most of their earthly possessions to take the kind of dream surf trip every surfer fantasizes about. Oh… and they’ll be on the road for the next couple years.

    I hate them.

    To rub it in They’ve created their own blog documenting their adventure. With no film team, no set schedule and no earthly attachments tying them down, they are truly living the dream.

    Check out their blog for a real account of the trials and triumphs of taking a surf trip around the world. And, be sure to drop them a message if you see they’re swinging through your area. They’re two of the nicest people you could hope to meet.

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    Why I Hate Work – reason 4,538

    Written by philoSURFer on November 2nd, 2011

    Here’s what I was greeted with this morning when the sun finally decided to show. Unfortunately, my bread source has other plans for my Wednesday.


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    GSI Ultimate Quiver Competition – Get on it!

    Written by philoSURFer on November 1st, 2011

    Here’s one of the best reasons yet to “like” Global Surf Industries. GSI has been running a quiver giveaway through their Facebook page for the past few of weeks that began on October 29th and runs through the next forty days, with three more chances available to win yourself any 5 boards of your choice and another 5 boards for your mate from GSI’s ever growing catalog of boards.

    The process is simple.
    1) hit up this link.
    2) “Like” GSI.
    3) click on the contest app on the GSI Facebook page.
    4) select one of your friends, pick five boards for them from the GSI line and give a good reason why your friend (and you) deserve to win a new quiver.
    5) submit your entry, then pester your friend to do the same.

    Now, have at it!

    Once again, here’s the link.

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    Cold Water? No. Classic? No.

    Written by philoSURFer on October 31st, 2011


    With air temps touching the high 70s and water temps in the high 50s, you can hardly refer to the 2011 O’Neill Cold Water Classic as a “cold water” event. Unless, of course, you are comparing the water of the event to the balmy waters of the South Pacific.

    Cold?, Take 2
    Just checked a few wetsuits on O’Neill’s website. In typical bro fashion, many of the wetsuits in O’Neill’s current lineup are featured sans water temperature guidelines (Some bro obviously slipped up on the job.) I was however able to find a few “spring” suits with temp guidelines that had Santa Cruz’s current water temp range (57 to 59 degrees fahrenheit) within their suggested usage range. Odd. When I think of cold water and wetsuits, I think of that straight-jacket of a 6/5/4 hanging in my closet that I’m only weeks away from having to suffer.

    Cold? Take 3
    In between essentially unwatchable heats at Steamer Lane and completely unwatchable heats at Wadell Creek this weekend, I managed to sneak out for a few mostly lackluster waves of my own. While the pros were freezing their little toes off up in Santa Cruz, I was surfing in a full blown Nor’easter over in New York. Driving snow and gale force, freezing offshores were on tap for all of Saturday. Sub-zero sunshine and even colder offshores were the call for my two (2) Sunday sessions. Cold in Santa Cruz? Pffft! Grow some.

    For most of the event the tide was too fat to hold the contest at its home venue of Steamer Lane. For half the time it was actually held at the Lane, it should have gone on standby. For the rest of the heats, the venue was moved to Wadell Creek (also known as “fucking where?”), where the live webcast was anything but live. If you don’t mind seeing and reading the results after the fact, then O’Neill had you covered. If you actually enjoy seeing a live event live, well…. there were a few heats here and there and even a bit of live action from Wadell Creek on the final day (if you like watching streaming akin to Surfline’s non-HD, non-Premium surfcams). Paying sponsors must love this low tech clusterfuckery just a stone’s throw from the world’s highest tech epicenter.

    Though the ocean had its own agenda, I don’t know whether to thank O’Neill or the ASP for the overall shitty experience of being a home viewer. Hopefully someone works out all of the live video kinks before the Rip Curl Pro Search goes live in the remote wilds of San Francisco.

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    O’NEILL Wetsuits: Now With More CAMELTOE!

    Written by philoSURFer on October 31st, 2011

    All photos courtesy of the official O’Neill product website. I’d like to believe that no camels were injured in the making of these wetsuits.



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    Empirical proof that Brazilians can’t win without flags

    Written by philoSURFer on October 19th, 2011

    Adriano de Souza wins the 2011 Rip Curl Pro Portugal
    Gabriel Medina wins the 2011 Quiksilver Pro France
    Adriano de Souza wins the 2011 Billabong Pro Rio
    Jadson Andre wins the 2010 Billabong Pro Santa Catarina

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    Adriano de Souza “claims” victory in Portugal

    Written by philoSURFer on October 19th, 2011


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    Gabriel Medina – GaMe is on, bitches!

    Written by philoSURFer on October 13th, 2011


    Raise the bar? Bah! Gabriel Medina shits in the bar’s cornflakes.

    Gabriel Medina wears big boy pants. Just seventeen years old and he’s already an absolute ninja assassin.

    How were you surfing at 17? At an age when most surfers are still finding their style and most of the current world tour was fine tuning their contest surfing, Gabriel is effortlessly punting silliness in heats that half the tour couldn’t pull on their best of days.

    I thought he had it a couple of years ago. Yep.

    Then, I thought, like other overhyped prospects, he might fall off, or that others might catch up. Nope and nope.

    Like an Energizer bunny (or its Brazilian equivalent, which I imagine to be a dancing, fast-talking, candy-striped lizard of some kind), Gabriel just keeps going.

    Gabriel’s air game is legend. His ground game, beyond.

    Winning a World Tour contest is sterling. Winning the same contest at 17 is golden. Winning the same contest at 17 while making heroes of the sport look like amateurs is 24 carat.

    He’s electric. The “GaMe” has arrived.

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    Gabriel Medina + France = Le Wow!

    Written by philoSURFer on October 12th, 2011


    Just Le fucking WOW! Thanks for the show kiddo!

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    Bro interviews – sets surfing back 25 years

    Written by philoSURFer on September 28th, 2011
    Tosh.0 Tuesdays 10pm / 9c
    Preview – Web Redemption – Surfer Interview Fail
    Tosh.0 Videos Daniel Tosh Web Redemption

    You’ve seen the interview. Now Daniel Tosh has given him a shot at redemption.

    When you see the full web redemption clip, you’ll see that some people are simply beyond help.

    Good luck in life, fella.

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    Love me some HEITORADE

    Written by philoSURFer on September 28th, 2011


    Ever since watching him freesurf at the Quiksilver Pro New York and seeing him in action at the Hurley Pro at Trestles, I can’t help but love watching Heitor Alves surf. Something about his surfing is different this year and I’m not just talking about his results.

    Speed, finesse, surgical precision, aerial wizardry…

    Heitor’s got it all.

    Yup, I drank the Heitorade.

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    To Err is Weakness – Julian Wilson’s Flinch

    Written by philoSURFer on September 27th, 2011

    I’m still reeling from that bullshit interference call on Julian Wilson in the semifinals of the Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles. And, if I’m upset, Julian must be downright furious.

    Julian went from strength to strength throughout the event. His surfing seemed effortless as he strung together a new bag of tricks on each wave. Whether below or above the lip, he surfed with incredible grace and precision.

    Then, he made a huge mistake.

    Julian backed down from a standoff with Owen Wright when he should have dropped in.

    Sure, Owen’s an imposing figure. He’s larger than life. Up close, his 6’3″ frame looks more like 9’9″. He’s a veritable giant when you’re standing right next to him, or below him, as is usually the case. I’m sure he looks bigger still when coming at you on a wave from just a few feet away. I understand why anybody would flinch or back off when he’s swooping in. The problem is that Julian Wilson wasn’t just anyone. Julian was not just some freesurfing bro pulling back on a wave for a tall drink ‘o future world champ. Julian was a fired up contender in one of the most important heats of his career, with no priority designated, and, and, and…. he was first to his feet.

    The first to your feet argument might sound like a newbie’s attempt at drop-in justification, but in the ASP it (sometimes) actually matters. Julian’s intent was clear. He wanted that right and was committed… until he wasn’t. Julian’s flinch cost him the heat and handed Owen his second bullshit heat win of the event (after his earlier questionable win over John John Florence).

    Had Julian maintained his forward momentum, one of three things might have happened. 1) he might have cross-shot past Owen, allowing them both scoring potential on the wave, while avoiding an interference call.
    2) he might have caused a full on collision, which might have had the same end result, might have handed Owen an interference, might have seen a double interference call or might have garnered no interference at all.
    3) he might have caused Owen to kick out, earning Owen an interference.

    What really pisses me off is that Julian didn’t even impede on Owen’s ability to score highly on the wave, but still received the interference call. I’d love to think that things might have happened in reverse had Owen been the one to kick out, but I somehow doubt it. Unfortunately for Julian, the new king has been chosen and the ASP is not going to let little trivialities like what is right get in the way of Owen’s ascendency.

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    The Kelly Slater Headjob

    Written by philoSURFer on September 22nd, 2011


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    Owen Wright – Overscored Anointed Successor?

    Written by philoSURFer on September 20th, 2011


    The surf industry has been dying for its next Kelly Slater. He’s 39 and still winning, loved around the world, and has the most famous face (and dome) in the sport, but obviously can’t go on forever. Well, it looks like the industry is ready to start moving on… even though the talent hasn’t quite matured.

    The talent is there, for sure, but the drive, commitment and consistency falls short.

    Owen Wright shows all of the promise, talent and poise of a true world champion. He won the Quiksilver Pro New York over Kelly Slater fair and square. He has clearly dominated a number of heats this year, earning his way through the brackets and his spot at number two in the rankings. However, Owen’s 9.77 in his round 3 heat against John John Florence was a farce, unwarranted and unearned. It was purely a gift from the ASP judges who are clearly ready to anoint Owen their new king.

    Let’s examine. Yes, his four turns on that round winning wave were clean, precise, even admirable, but a 9.77 they were not. I’d accept a 7.77. Heck, I’d even swallow a straight 8. Gifting him a 9.77 solely on his ground game for a few textbook turns is a slap in the face to every guy this season who threw down similar less than critical performances only to come up with 5s. It’s handing him a near perfect score for a far less than perfect ride. It’s keeping him in title contention when he was (deservedly) on the verge of bowing out early.

    Further, by handing the heat to Owen, the judges threw the promising young John John (who really earned the heat win) under the bus.

    Owen can already smell the title. The industry smells a new champ. Australia smells a new great white hope. I smell a fucking rat. Kelly smells more free surfs in Tavarua. Julian Wilson wants to smell it. Dane Reynolds is smelling patchouli and neck beard and formulating more bogus injury excuses when he should and could be the next Kelly. (PS – Dane’s indifferent to stank.) The net is that Owen really, really likes what he smells.

    Oh, and Mick Fanning, that smell you’re undoubtedly choking on is the platter of dog shit your country, sponsors and industry is cooking up for you and the other LTOs (less than Owens). Australia has found it’s new Aryan golden boy and the ASP has found it’s next Kelly Slater.

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    All SUP’ers are Cupcakes, but are all Cupcakes SUP’ers?

    Written by philoSURFer on September 9th, 2011


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    Bobby Martinez Forever

    Written by philoSURFer on September 8th, 2011


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    Kelly Slater, Why Are You So Happy?

    Written by philoSURFer on September 8th, 2011


    Kelly Slater is a happy man today. While his fellow frontrunners have to duke it out in round 3 of the Quiksilver Pro New York, Slater has a free ticket to round 4, thanks to Bobby Martinez’s profanity rant inspired disqualification. Since round 4 is a throw away round, Slater is guaranteed a spot in round 5 or the quarterfinals, bringing his 11th world title campaign that much closer to reality.

    Bobby may hate the ASP (and tennis) even more this morning, but Slater sure as shit loves Bobby

    Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

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    Bobby Martinez – Fuck Tennis, Fuck the ASP, Fuck Yeah

    Written by philoSURFer on September 8th, 2011


    Bobby Martinez may have just burned his last bridge to the ASP and that’s fucking fine with him. In the most exciting post heat interview EVER, Bobby told the ASP in very explicit terms to fuck itself.

    As usual, the web was abuzz with people alternately praising him and slamming him. Some called him Ché, the voice of the quiet pros, and argued that his criticism is 100% accurate. Others called him a spoiled brat and the next Charlie Sheen. Love him or hate him, Bobby was the big show today. And…. he’s got us all thinking and talking about the current state and future of the fucking ASP.

    Is the ASP seriously trying to emulate fucking tennis?

    Bobby ranted about the half year cutoff and how it fucked with the nature of the elite tour. What indeed is the rationale behind changing the field halfway through the year? Does it really make sense moving guys up from the minors to replace sometimes seasoned players who may have suffered an injury, personal issue or simply a few bad events? As Bobby said, the big boys of the world tour already earned their spots in the majors. How can half a year of events be enough to give the guys enough time to really make their mark or prove their worth on tour?

    And won’t anyone think of the children (rookies)? With rookies in particular, the first year is particularly bumpy as they adjust to man-on-man heats and the highest level of competition. Is booting a struggling rookie midway through their first year on tour really fair?

    As Bobby so eloquently suggested, those guys that are moved up to the big leagues halfway through the year can’t possibly make up the fucking points to win a world title. So what’s the fucking point?

    Fucking tennis, indeed!

    I would have loved to see Bobby win his way through to the finals, just to hear him shit talking the ASP in every post heat interview. Unfortunately, the ASP didn’t feel the same way. They played a petty tit-for-tat by posting an open, yet official, letter to Bobby on the ASP website that detailed his rant and reasons for disqualification from the event. Bobby way have sullied the name of the organization today, but the ASP only made themselves look worse with their rebuttal.

    Was this just another failed coup, or will Bobby’s indictment of the ASP be justified by changes to the system? As they say, those who ultimately win the revolution are in the right. The truth is out there now and the coming weeks and months will surely tell.


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    Quiksilver Pro New York trials recap

    Written by philoSURFer on September 4th, 2011


    What do you call a group of 16 surfers who can make weak, mushy, gutless waves look fun… even rippable?


    More specifically, you call them Trialists for the Quiksilver Pro New York. The 16 lucky trialists were fighting it out for the last coveted wildcard spot in the main event and a shot at the biggest prize purse in the history of the sport.

    In a closely contested final, Florida’s Asher Nolan took home the big win and a shot at the $300,000 top prize. Nolan fought off a fired up 18 year old Keanu Asing of Hawaii, who was absolutely decimating the miniature peaks. Asher has had a good run in New York, having previously won the Unsound Pro, and once again, his strong forehand attack on the dominant lefts was enough to take the win.

    While Nolan and Asing were duking it out for 1st. Australia’s Garrett Parks and Florida’s Jeremy Johnston were playing footsies, literally smashing into one another and garnering Johnston a questionable interference call. The antipodal duo popped up at roughly the same time and quickly collided, with Parks literally pushing off of Johnston. In what could have easily been a double interference, Parks theatrics seemed to win the draw. The two put in admirable performances, but the interference unfortunately set the final off-kilter for both.

    New York’s great hope for an additional wildcard spot died early on in heats 1 and 2, with the 4th place finishes of Montauk’s Leif Engstrom and Long Beach’s own TJ Gumiela. New Jersey, North Carolina and California also saw their hopes quickly dashed with the exits of Sam Hammer, Fisher Heaverly and Ryan Carlson.

    All in, it was an action packed trials with Asher Nolan proving he’s ready to hold his own against the world’s best. The main event waiting period kicks off tomorrow morning and we’re looking forward to a big bump in swell and conditions later in the week.

    Hit up the official Quiksilver Pro New York website for heatsheets, photos, and videos, and be sure to check in tomorrow morning for the 7:00 am call.

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    Quote of the Day – Kelly Slater offers Japan serious coin

    Written by philoSURFer on September 1st, 2011


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    2011 World Police and Fire Games live at Rockaway Beach, NY

    Written by philoSURFer on August 31st, 2011

    The surfing component of the 2011 World Police and Fire Games is officially underway this morning at Rockaway Beach, New York. Come on out to show your support for the police officers and firefighters from across the country and around the world who have shown up to compete.

    Good luck to the New York crew and all competitors in this goodwill event!

    For more info, head on over to the official website.

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    Quiksilver Pro New York was indeed downsized

    Written by philoSURFer on August 31st, 2011


    Shortly after I broke the news on Monday about a possible Quiksilver Pro downsizing, the twitterverse was alight with pros and Joes alike asking, “Could the Quiksilver Pro New York really get cancelled?”

    The world now knows the event is a go, sans festival, but the buildup to the official Tuesday morning announcement from Quiksilver was nerve wracking to say the least.

    The rumor mill reached a fever pitch in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, with surfers the world over sharing bits of input, rumor and humor regarding the possible cancellation.

    Dylan Goodale tweeted: “@hair_piece (Balaram Stack) balaram stack the wildcard that almost was”

    Shea Lopez tweeted: “100% confirmed #QuikProNY cancelled”

    Sterling Spencer poured on the comedy with gems like:

    - “Quiksilver pro canceled just talked to raoni monteiro”

    - “Just talked talk to the crew at hot tuna, new York is cancelled”

    - “just talked to randy rarick nyc cancelled”

    - “Jimmy rotherham just faxed me from el.Salvador…new York is cancelled”

    - “Rizal tanjung just called my friend….nyc cancelled”

    While awaiting the announcement Tuesday morning, he twote, “Me , john roseman and @rosswilliams are meeting with bruce brown to find out about nyc…fingers crossed”, and when the good news finally came, he posted, “Come on everyone, put @kellyslater in #quickypronyc”.

    It appears my original source of info was 100% right about a downsized contest without the surrounding circus. Indeed, it was Long Beach pulling the plug, not Quik. The same source tells me that from the moment the original deal for the event was inked, the powers that be in Long Beach were intent on chipping away at its size, changing hours and withholding necessary permits. It seems more than anything that Hurricane Irene was a gift to the Long Beach leadership intent on undermining the event. The city government was successfully able to leverage a few knocked over lifeguard chairs and a bit of moved sand to kill off almost everything. Almost.

    See you this Sunday at the trials.

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    Quiksilver Pro New York downsizing?

    Written by philoSURFer on August 29th, 2011

    Rumor has it that the Quiksilver Pro New York is undergoing a major downsizing, eliminating much of the live music, skating and other events on the festival block. Say it ain’t so!

    My source sites Long Beach political bullshit behind the move. Stay tuned in for details!

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    Freddy Patacchia pulls a dick move; claims it

    Written by philoSURFer on August 29th, 2011


    Yesterday. Round 3 of the Billabong Pro Tahiti. Clean, 8 foot waves are draining over the reef at Teahupoo. Freddy Patacchia is a nose ahead of Mick Fanning in the dying moments of their heat, and sitting on priority.

    Freddy’s fighting for World Tour requalification, while Mick’s fighting to gain an edge in the title race. With just minutes to go, a wave stands up on the reef, offering Mick the inside track and the chance he needs to take the win. Mick drops in, pulls up and in, pumps, threads his way through the barrel and comes flying out, only to find Freddy P. pulling priority by dropping in, far out on the shoulder, straight on top of Mick’s head.

    Freddy completely burned Mick at the end of a good ride and nearly scalped him in the process, but has acted safely within the ASP rules. He looks like a complete dick, is a dick and even calls himself a dick in the post heat interview, yet… Mick is handed an interference and Freddy takes the win.

    Moments like this are why the judges need a bit more freedom in interpreting the rules. This was not a case of Mick Fanning blatantly interfering with Freddy P’s scoring potential. This was Feddy P dangerously dropping in on an already completed ride, when there was no where left to go on the wave. Priority aside, his action alone should have been enough to hand him the interference rather than Mick. His shitty maneuver was calculated, extremely dangerous and just plain dickish.

    All good deeds go rewarded and Freddy P quickly got his comeuppance, finishing a distant third to Owen Wright and Raoni Monteiro in Round 4, and getting iced by Brett Simpson in round 5.

    I wonder how good that 9th place finish tastes now.





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    Sharks in the streets, courtesy of Irene

    Written by philoSURFer on August 28th, 2011

    While I’m stuck hiding like a mouse, waiting for Irene to finish bowling through New York, I’ve been perusing the interweb to see what kind of damage I can expect to see when this is over.

    EgoTVOnline got the shot with this shark cruising a flooded Puerto Rican street.

    This will definitely make me think twice before heading out into the flooded streets after Irene rolls on. Though, in New York, I’m much more likely to run into one of these guys.

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    What the shit, Irene?

    Written by philoSURFer on August 28th, 2011

    I like my east coast hurricanes like I like my alligators – big, surly, and south of the Carolinas. I remember New York summers with multiple week-long swells thanks to big ol’ ‘canes spinning off just below the Outer Banks.

    Then comes Irene. This category hopping bitch of a ‘cane took a quick pit stop in the Carolinas and is heading straight for my door step. I’m all for hurricane surf, but this windy tramp is spiraling out of control quicker than Charlie Sheen in a whorehouse, leaving us with just a couple days of waves before wreaking havoc and moving on.

    Now, I’ve been force evacuated from my home and I’m stuck hiding inland, on higher ground. Irene’s got her eye on NYC and I’ve had to abandon my beach, my home and all of my earthly possessions.

    What the shit, Irene? Thanks for the stress and frustration. I hope you choke on us while you’re blowing through.

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    It’s Thursday – Stand Up Paddling is still ridiculous

    Written by philoSURFer on August 25th, 2011


    The Daily Mail Online posted this gem of an article this morning, featuring Jesse Tyler Ferguson of the critically acclaimed show “Modern Family”, and his boyfriend out for a bit of stand up paddle silliness.

    Every time a celebrity SUPs, Laird Hamilton dies a little inside.


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    Meet New York’s “Surf City”, courtesy of Quiksilver

    Written by philoSURFer on August 24th, 2011

    This is going to rock! Skeptics and naysayers be damned.

    Only 8 days to go until the festivities kick off!

    Oh… and if you’re looking for me during the event, I can likely be found somewhere between these two locations.

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    Views of Two Contest Venues – Tahiti vs. New York

    Written by philoSURFer on August 23rd, 2011

    This photo shows what a lay day looks like in Tahiti.

    This photo shows what status quo looks like in New York.

    Both of these photos were snapped on Tuesday, August 23rd.

    One man’s lay day is another man’s epic.

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    File Under “Are you fucking serious?” – Lady GaGa surfs

    Written by philoSURFer on August 22nd, 2011


    Talk about Bad Romance.

    There’s just really not a whole lot to say about this.

    When shit like this happens, there’s precious little that can ever make you feel good again about being a surfer.

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    Dane Reynolds pulls out… again

    Written by philoSURFer on August 16th, 2011


    Dane Reynolds has pulled out of Tahiti, once again skipping out of a World Tour event.

    Dane is now going 5 for 5, having already missed the Gold Coast, Bells, Rio de Janeiro and Jeffreys Bay this year. Yet, just two weeks after the close of the J Bay event, he entered the US Open and won through to the quarterfinals. Now, two weeks after that, he has pulled out of Tahiti.

    The world isn’t ready yet for a World Tour without Dane. He has all the talent of Kelly Slater, but with that “I don’t really give a shit” attitude that all but the most strident competitors love. It will be interesting to hear the reasoning behind his latest withdrawal, but at this point in the year, he’s surely shooting for an injury wildcard.

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    Quiksilver is Coming

    Written by philoSURFer on August 16th, 2011


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    Sunny Garcia In NYC

    Written by philoSURFer on August 16th, 2011


    Sunny Garcia is in NYC and keeping us all entertained while drunk-tweeting. Hit up his Twitter stream to check out the hilarious exchange he’s been having with Kelly Slater and others while kicking back in the big apple.

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    Quiksilver Cypher boardshorts – the best just got better

    Written by philoSURFer on August 12th, 2011

    For guys, there’s only one area on our bodies sensitive enough to cause a nervous stomach at the mere mention of a threatening touch. Only one spot that leaves us vulnerable to cringe inducing nausea, even when watching someone else suffer a hit there. It is our second mind, our life force, our raison d’être. It is…. our package.

    Regardless of our strength or tolerance for pain, none of us are immune to the ever present threat of aggravated hangdown contact, and as surfers, our precious bits are at an even greater risk of assault than many land-based, full-contact sports (just imagine if Parko’s fin caught his junk, rather than his heel). While the landlubbers are wearing jockstraps, cups and other medieval protection contraptions, we’re wearing… boardshorts. Nothing but boardshorts. Stiff, uncomfortable, rash-inducing, package chafing boardshorts.

    Why is it then that the one piece of material between our manhood and the elements is often the direct cause of our discomfort? I’ve sampled dozens of pairs of trunks over the years (some that I’ve refused to review) that were so uncomfortable they actually impeded my surfing. Others left my inner thighs and nethers a bloody, chafed mess. Like jellyfish stings, sinus drainage and sun burn, I, like most others, simply accepted that uncomfortable trunks are just a part of the larger surfing experience.

    Last year, when I sampled Quiksilver’s latest volley against the corruption of nethers, I approached them with my usual low expectations but was instantly won over by the comfort, craftsmanship and care they put in to the design of the Cypher line. This year, Quiksilver one-upped themselves with the introduction of an even more comfy Cypher series.

    Quiksilver recently shot me a pair of the 2011 Dane Reynolds Cypher Mutiny boardshorts and I thought, “Cool. A new pair of the same trunks from last year”. I mean, I love my 2010 Cyphers (especially my red and blue striped Danes, which crowds of surfers around me seem to love as well), and needless to say, I was stoked to get a new pair. But, how much can boardshorts really change in a year?

    Then, I took them for a surf.

    They might be the same in name, but they’re hardly the same. What’s different this year? Last year’s quick drying, non-chafing, diamond dobby goodness gave way to this year’s lighter, stretchier version, with all the other winning features intact. The real noticeable difference over 2010 is in the material and the stretch. I’m now rotating daily between the old Cyphers (4 different pairs) and the new (only 1 pair… so far), and the improvements are evident. The drape on the 2011 version feels like every clothing should feel. They’re as comfortable as rock star underwear – silky and natural, perfectly tailored, non-binding and non-constrictive, and 100% performance minded. The stretch of the new material offers all of the flexibility of the most comfortable wetsuits, yet always maintains its form. As I rotate through my Cypher collection, I find myself going: 2010, 2011, 2010, 2011, 2011, 2011, 2011… My four 2010s almost don’t compare in comfort and performance to my one pair of 2011s. Almost.

    Can a good thing get better? You bet your ass it can. If you liked last year’s Cyphers, you’ll love this year’s even more. Quiksilver puts a premium on comfort, performance and package protection, while never sacrificing style. Definitely head to Quiksilver or your local surf shop to snag a pair. What’s that? Summer’s almost over, you say? Then grab a few pairs and plan a trip to the tropics.

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    Kelly Slater kicks ass in Huntington Beach

    Written by philoSURFer on August 9th, 2011


    When Kelly Slater last won the US Open of Surfing in 1996, Yadin Nicol (who he all but shut out in the final) was only 10 years old. Dusty Payne (who Slater destroyed in the semis) was only 8 years old. Kolohe Andino (who Yadin ousted in their semi) was only 2 years old.

    When Kelly last won the US Open, Yadin, Dusty, and the toddler, Kolohe couldn’t possibly have imagined they’d be there one day, getting completely trounced by the very same guy.

    Poor kids. They never even had a chance.

    Congrats, king!

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    Quote of the Day: Mick Fanning on punting

    Written by philoSURFer on August 8th, 2011


    While the rest of the surfing world was obsessing over Kelly Slater’s Sunday air clinic, Mick Fanning was witness to a very different kind of punt.

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    Dear Nike 6.0 – an open letter

    Written by philoSURFer on August 5th, 2011


    Dear Nike,

    You are a fine sneaker company and I greatly admire and appreciate your recent interest and continual financial contribution to surfing contests and events. Congratulations on your 2002 purchase of Hurley and your 2011 through 2016 lease of Julian Wilson. You’ve made considerable inroads into the surfing world in a relatively short period of time. However, I feel it is my duty to warn you that your latest handout, the Dawn Patrol Surf Shuttle, is far removed from your usually well-planned and thoroughly thought out business focus. I regret to inform you that such an offering is half-baked and self destructive at best.

    Knowingly busing in hoards of surfers to any particular surf spot breaks one of the cardinal rules of surfing: “Thou shall not show up for a surf in a group of more than two (2) surfers”. Could you even imagine the less than warm and fuzzy reception such a shuttle service would receive at Pipeline, Steamer Lane or Mundaka?

    Further, your planned shuttle service will only serve to alienate the very community you are seeking to earn the adoration of. One would think one of the world’s most successful sneaker companies would be the last company on earth to shoot itself in the foot.

    You’ve come a long way in a short time, but if you’re really looking to spread the stoke in NYC, instead of focusing on the very few, elite and overprivileged “surfers” who call lower Manhattan home (who are, by the way, very unlikely to buy Nike 6.0 products since they don’t have that retro surfer hipster appeal), try catering to the thousands more that flock to Rockaway from elsewhere in the 5 boroughs and surrounding areas. There are more than enough easily accessible transportation options for surfers in lower Manhattan who want to grab an early. Instead of trying to compete with the MTA, try thinking outside of the box.

    Start by purchasing a few empty plots near the beach (they’re available on the cheap) through local realtors. Hire a local and construction crew to build secure, durable, affordable and clean lockers, showers and bathrooms that offer year round access for those who venture down to the Rockaways for a surf. Perhaps you might co-brand it with Boarders, the only legitimate surf shop in the Rockaways and one of the finest supporters of the local community. You could even market your wears through the shop and charge a nominal fee to recoup the cost of the property and service. This would offer every surfer who lives in or travels to Rockaway equal access to a much needed service – a place to safely stow their stuff, change their clothes and grab a warm shower.

    Just think of it – Nike 6.0 presents the Boarders Surf Stop.

    This undertaking would spread more stoke and goodwill in the Rockaway surf community than 1,000 free busloads of down-for-the-dayers ever could. And, it would provide work and support for local realtors and construction crews.

    Or, you could just keep the shuttle and use and abuse the local surf community by running the most hated transportation service in town.

    The choice is yours. Just do it.



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    Doubt not Balaram Stack

    Written by philoSURFer on August 1st, 2011

    Doubt not Balaram Stack. For those who don’t know him, let his surfing do the talking. Oh… and his voice too. Can’t wait to see him in September.

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    Balaram Stack gets the nod

    Written by philoSURFer on July 28th, 2011

    photo: Mike Nelson

    Per the official Quiksilver blog, Mountain and Wave, Balaram Stack has officially been given one of the two available wildcards for September’s Quiksilver Pro New York.

    So why Balaram Stack?

    Aside from having one of the coolest names in surfing, Bal has become the biggest name out of New York since Ricky Rasmussen, who died a full decade before Bal even entered the world. Though he hasn’t yet hit the qualifying series contest circuit as hard as many of his contemporaries, Bal has carved out his own name with his ridiculous repertoire and the support of Quiksilver. If your were counting advertisements in last year’s US surf mags, you would have noticed that Bal was a top finisher in terms of coverage in Quiksilver’s photo ads. In front of him were the obvious quartet – Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Jeremy Flores and Julian Wilson (who has now moved on to Nike). With Julian gone, Bal bumps up yet another notch on the Quik roster.

    Now let’s take a step back and look at how Quik has previously handled its rising stars. All of the quartet were granted passes directly into Quik’s main events in the past. So, why then shouldn’t one of their newest rising stars be offered the same, especially when it’s for an event being held at his homebreak? Those who haven’t seen him surf might ask, but why not give the automatic wildcard to another Quiksilver team rider? Since this is a US event, let’s look at their US pro team. The remaining three from the Quik quartet, Slater, Reynolds and Flores are already on tour, along with fellow teamrider, Fred Patacchia. The Outer Banks’ Fisher Heaverly, and Hawaii’s Clay Marzo and Tyler Newton have been invited to compete for the second wildcard. Not getting invites were Quik teamriders, Kiron Jabour, Reef McIntosh, Rusty Long and Mark Healy. Should any one of these guys got the nod over Bal? Fuhgeddaboutit! Quiksilver nailed this one.

    Congrats, Bal! Looking forward to watching you kicking ass and taking names in September.

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    I’m actually beginning to feel a little GILT-y

    Written by philoSURFer on July 20th, 2011


    I know I’ve been bitching about GILT’s recent surfsploitations, but today brings a few exceptions to their earlier offerings.

    First, saving on surf lessons from the Skudins is a legit deal. You have to look far and wide these days to find a surf school where the instructors can actually surf. Not so with the Skudins. Core to the core, for sure. And they’re certain to teach and instill the all but forgotten lil’ thing known as surf etiquette. Hit up GILT before this one disappears.

    Second, check out the sale on Quiksilver and other assorted surf gear. The trunks may be a bit snug on this chap, but I’ll bet my quiver he surfs better than you. I shit you not.


    Here’s a shot of Juan Heredia when he’s not getting paid to stand still.


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    Quit Mad Stop – because the world needs $200-plus trunks

    Written by philoSURFer on July 19th, 2011

    Hand-made and designed in midtown Manhattan, Quit Mad Stop trunks are made for surfers (with beards, who stare off into the middle distance), by surfers (who probably tried it once or twice and also possibly have beards).

    Hats off to the QMS crew for pulling a reverse Mugatu by using a homeless guy to represent their upscale wears. If you want to score some hobo-chic trunks of your own, you can simply pony up $200-plus of your own easy made money and grab a pair. Affordably priced as they are, these things should move like hotcakes this surf season.

    If you want take a peek, have a chuckle or simply send money or in-kind donations to their homeless model, head on over to the Quit Mad Stop website.

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    GILT is at it again

    Written by philoSURFer on July 18th, 2011


    Think this guy spends a lot of time in the sun?

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    Kelly Slater MIA from J Bay, but A-OK

    Written by philoSURFer on July 18th, 2011

    Update and photo courtesy of

    Kelly Slater missing his round 1 heat is as predictable as Mick Fanning’s frontside attack. But, Slater not showing up for round 2 is as unusual as Taylor Knox taking things to the air. So when Kelly didn’t show up for round 2 this morning at Jeffreys Bay, more than a few people were concerned, disappointed, or even outraged (those who already paid their bookie).

    Where was the ten time world champ?

    While life is busy handing the rest of the world’s best a Jeffrey at the Billabong Pro, Kelly Slater is hiding out in Tavarua. Yep. Tavarua.

    As I ride the rails to my own job, I can only imagine my boss’s outrage if I didn’t show up for work for a few days, then showed up in photos halfway around the world.

    Only Kelly could and only Kelly would. And, that’s why we love him.

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    Leif Engstrom wins the Trials (for the Trials) for the Quiksilver Pro New York

    Written by philoSURFer on July 18th, 2011

    Congrats to Montauk, New York’s own Leif Engstrom for taking down a talented field of New York’s best surfers this afternoon at The Empire State Surfing Championships held in Long Beach, NY. Leif’s win in this “Trials for the Trials” earns him a coveted seed in the actual Trials for this September’s Quiksilver Pro New York.

    If you could stand the blazing sun on the beach today, the surfers put on one hell of a show, despite the lackluster surf. Leif defeated the handpicked group of 16 of New York’s best by putting on an aerial clinic in the sub-knee high conditions. His winning combo of frontside air reverses and supermans (yes, supermans) in shin high surf had the crowd on the beach and his fellow competitors scratching their heads in awe.

    Stoked to come out on top, Leif said he’s eager to get a shot at that million dollar prize purse in September. Said Leif, “Even finishing last place gets you like $30,000. I can’t wait to get a shot at that!”

    We’re hoping Leif can replicate today’s performance this fall and win a spot in the million dollar main event. If you’re not familiar with Leif’s air game, check out this little gem that was recently Surfline’s “Punt of the Month”.

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    GILT just loves that surfing fad

    Written by philoSURFer on July 9th, 2011

    Seriously? Is WhiskeyMilitia really not enough? Does GILT really need to capitalize on (rape) the surfing fad?

    If these bandwagoneer shenanigans spawn one more bearded Knostalike carrying a retro fish through Greenwich Village on a seatless ten-speed…

    Give me Whiskey or give me death!

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    Countdown to the Billabong Pro at Jeffreys Bay

    Written by philoSURFer on July 1st, 2011

    Just two more weeks to go until the launch of the 2011 J-Bay event and Huili officials from China’s Sichuan province are already out in force, inspecting the contest venue.

    Can you feel the excitement?

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    Cost conscious alternatives to Billabong’s inflatable wetsuit

    Written by philoSURFer on June 15th, 2011


    You’ve seen the original…


    Now take a look at a few cost conscious alternatives….







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    O’Neill gets it – No waves on the East Coast

    Written by philoSURFer on June 13th, 2011

    Just when it looked like the east coast of Canada would finally have its own big ticket event, O’Neill pulled the plug on this year’s planned Coldwater Classic contest in Nova Scotia.

    Planned to run September 19th through the 25th, O’Neill cited the obvious as their reason for axing the event: “During preliminary planning it became clear a shorter than usual planning window jeopardized the success of a 2011 CWC in Nova Scotia.” Translation: After scheduling the event for a one-week period in September, it was brought to our attention that we should consider ourselves very lucky if we were to get even a single, solitary day of surfable swell on the entire Atlantic east coast during the designated, or any seven-day period.”

    This is a major setback for Nova Scotia, temporarily delaying the huge influx of traveling surfers (literally anticipated to number in the dozens) who might have chanced upon the place for their own sampling of icy fickleness.

    O’Neill plans to revisit the idea in 2012, biding time to see just how much of a colossal flop Quiksilver’s own major 2011 east coast event is, before executing an event of their own during roughly the same time period. While the local surfing populations of Nova Scotia and New York would love to see the world’s best surfers blow up in their own backyards, all are cognisant of the enormous likelihood that hosting any big east coast event with a preselected time window is like playing Russian roulette. Or, as my great-grandmother always said, “There ain’t no fucking surf in the east.”

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    Why I Hate Summer – Reason Number 3756

    Written by philoSURFer on June 10th, 2011

    Thank you douchebags for crapping up the beach with your presence in the 95 degree heat today.

    Oh, and thanks for leaving ALL of your trash on the beach when you left.

    Don’t worry, the hard offshores that came through with the afternoon rain squalls blew most of the bigger shit out to sea.

    Instant karma coming your way.

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    Andy Irons – the autopsy results are in…

    Written by philoSURFer on June 9th, 2011


    … and you’re still a legend.

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    Hotwire gets in on the surfsploitation bandwagon

    Written by philoSURFer on June 7th, 2011

    Just when you thought there aren’t enough commercials out there featuring middle aged newbs who “always wanted to learn to surf”, Hotwire comes along with this steaming pile.

    How stoked are you that turdnuggets like this will soon be invading a lineup near you?

    Stay classy, San Diego!

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    Floatergate: Owen Wright vs Adriano de Souza decoded

    Written by philoSURFer on May 24th, 2011


    You’ve seen the heat and heard all the noise. Now, here are a few nuggets of gold from the international ASP judges:

    “Now, Adriano’s final wave was a lot bigger than what was shown online as the camera missed the bottom half of the wave – this makes any subsequent analysis of the heat nearly impossible when utilizing only the Heats on Demand version. When De Souza lands you can see the size of the whitewash behind him and the amount of distance that he covered during the floater, how critical the section was and how difficult it would have been to land would not have been entirely visible on the webcast, and is not representation in the Heats on Demand.”

    Let’s remember that there is a 9 inch height difference between the diminutive 5’6″ Adriano de Souza and the 6’3″ Owen Wright. Given this, a chest high wave on Owen is always going to look like an overhead wave on Adriano. Plus, it’s fucking Brazil. Since when does wave size ever come into play in Brazil? A wave height judgement in Brazil is like a barrel dodging contest at big Chopes.

    “It’s important to note that there is nothing in the criteria that says surfers must complete multiple turns. We’re in the business of surfers going big and that’s what we’ve been seeing in the last 18 months.”

    Airs are apparently not considered “going big”. No, it’s floaters that have been winning heats and events in this more progressive surf age, not airs. Modern Collective is now Aged Collective. In Modern-er Collective, Jordy, Dusty, Dion, Mitch and crew will focus on doing big floaters.

    “Both of Owen’s airs were good maneuvers (they are also the bread and butter for nearly every surfer on tour these), but executed on the easy sections of the waves.”

    Yes, the bread and butter for nearly every surfer on tour who’s not afraid to do airs in heats before they lock in their big scores. Yes, the bread and butter for only a handful of guys on tour.

    I pose the question, would you, as a fan of top-level surfing, prefer the surfers to do a good turn on a small easy wave or a good turn on a wave that is going flat-out with a heaving, unforgiving closeout section?

    Fuck good turns. This was a call between an air and a floater.

    “It was absolutely a close heat, but we have close heats every day as we are dealing with the best surfers in the world.”

    Translation: We judges really fucked this one up. Owen took the heat, hands down. After the call was made to reward Adriano’s floater with an excellent range score, any score change on our part would have stunk of an anti-Brazilian conspiracy. Further, correcting the score to hand Owen the win would have incited a mob of charged up Brazilian fans to hand us our asses on platters.

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    Owen Wright’s Brazilian Commitment Issue

    Written by philoSURFer on May 23rd, 2011


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    Come out and meet Mark Kelly, Managing Director of Global Surf Industries

    Written by philoSURFer on May 17th, 2011

    This Friday, our friends from SMASH are putting Global Surf Industries’ Mark Kelly on the hot seat for the continuation of their The Surfers Studio series. Check out the details below and come on out to meet the controversial king of board production who’s moving more boards per year than most shapers crank out in a lifetime.


    SMASH presents The Surfers Studio: An evening with Mark Kelly, Global Surf Industries Managing Director, Friday, May 20th 8PM at the famous Tribeca Grand Hotel’s Grand Screening Room.

    The Surfers Studio is a series of in-depth conversations documenting the lives, careers and contributions of surfers who have made an impact on surf culture and the surf community.

    Mark Kelly has helped revolutionize how surfboards are built and sold. After decades of a cottage industry-style operations, Mark Kelly saw a different way of supplying surfboards to the international surfing market in 2002. Kel’s passion for surfing led him to create Global Surf Industries, which is now the world’s largest distributor of surfboards. Today, GSI has a portfolio of 13 brands, each catering to a particular type of surfer with a specific level of surfing ability and sells boards in 57 countries around the world. Based in Manly on the Northern Beaches of Sydney in Australia, Kel spends 15 – 25 weeks a year traveling the world surfing and doing business.

    Mark Kelly’s production method is considered controversial by some and applauded by others. In the second session in a series on the topic of surfboard design and production The Surfers Studio aims to have a smart and informing discussion about where the surfboard business has been and where it’s going.

    The Surfers Studio: An Evening with Mark Kelly will take place at The Grand Screen at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. 2 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10013

    Purchase Tickets Here:

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    Express goes surfing

    Written by philoSURFer on May 16th, 2011


    Nothing says surfing like a mall store. I mean, he’s got tattoos, so he must surf. Right? I hope John Kies got paid well for this one. The douche in three different surf outfits surely did.

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    Waiting for Year Zero…

    Written by philoSURFer on May 16th, 2011

    0000 from Globe Surf on Vimeo.

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    Kelly Slater wins day one in Rio

    Written by philoSURFer on May 12th, 2011

    “We went on hold this morning in hopes that conditions would clean up but the waves are still mostly closing out.” – Pritamo Ahrendt, ASP International Judge.

    Okay, so the event didn’t run yesterday, but Kelly found a few contestable waves. Winning at 39.

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    GUESS who doesn’t surf?

    Written by philoSURFer on May 10th, 2011


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    O Brother, Air Art Thou

    Written by philoSURFer on May 6th, 2011

    Backwards Wetsuit Etiquette

    Written by philoSURFer on May 6th, 2011



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    American Girl releases Hawaiian themed doll, Kanani

    Written by philoSURFer on May 4th, 2011


    Where do I even begin with this one? Nothing like robbing loving parents of their hard-earned cheese, just so their little princesses can get what they want in our post Blue Crush world. Here are just a few observations:

    Price – Kanani alone clocks in at $100. If you want her with all of the fixings, including her SUP, paddle, life vest and cuddly dog, you pay $179.

    Board size – Assuming she’s a pre-teen child of somewhere between 8 and 11 years old, which is American Girl’s target audience, she would likely be around 4 to 5 feet tall. That would make her SUP board just around 4 to 5 feet long.

    Traction pad – Why is the only traction pad smack in the middle of the board? Does Kanani only rock the king’s stance?

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    Volcom Goes French

    Written by philoSURFer on May 3rd, 2011

    Because nothing says haute couture like oversized hoodies and graphic print tees!

    PPR, the French conglomerate and parent company of Gucci, Yves St. Laurent, Puma and several others has thrown down some premium dough ($607.5 million) to acquire Volcom. Now, I’ll bet you’re wishing you stuck with that crappy, surf themed t-shirt business you started a few years back.

    While PPR says they’re focusing on building out their action sports portfolio, I think something more sinister is afoot. First, J Flo (Jeremy Flores) wins the 2010 Pipe Masters. Next, less than six months later, a major French conglomerate is plunking down big boy money to buy Volcom, and more importantly, the rights to the Volcom house at Pipe.


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    Where Do Bad Folks Go When They Die?

    Written by philoSURFer on May 3rd, 2011


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    2011 Rip Curl Pro Search discovers San Francisco!

    Written by philoSURFer on April 28th, 2011

    20110428-030158.jpg In an absolutely stunning announcement made during the finals of the 2011 Bell’s Beach event, Rip Curl has once again redefined the spirit of discovery and exploration of The Search. They went way off the surf map this time around, planting the flag for the 2011 Search event in an exotic location in the wilds of Northern California known by a tiny crew of hardcore underground locals as San Francisco. San Fran’s economy is mainly centered around its fur trapping and gold mining industries, in recent years it has come into its own as a whole high-tech community has sprung up around its burgeoning Rice-A-Roni industry.

    Virtually unknown to the surfing world prior to theRip Curl announcement, the coast of San Fran was discovered on a recent flyover by the Rip Curl Search surf plane, as it was traveling between the California surf epicenter of Eureka and the recently discovered surf town of Santa Cruz. Rip Curl Teamrider, Taylor Knox is said to have personally taken part in the exploration of this major discovery, though at time of press it is unclear whether he parachuted in or traveled in by pack mule.

    Rip Curl has received considerable flack from the wider surfing world since announcing its decision to hold the event in San Fran. Most of the complaints have come from those who favor holding the event in a more well-known, safer and established venue with better infrastructure, such as Arica, Chile or Barra de la Cruz, Mexico. Rip Curl continues to buck the trend though, holding last year’s Search event on the never-before surfed island of Puerto Rico, and 2009′s Search event in Portugal, which served to introduce the sport of surfing to the country.

    While we all anxiously anticipate the 2011 Rip Curl Search Pro San Francisco, word is that Rip Curl is out and about scouting around for a 2012 venue, with early rumors pouring in that they are deciding whether to hold the event at a little known spot on Oahu known as Pipeline, or at an even more secretive location in Southern California known as Trestles. Thanks to Rip Curl’s ongoing explorations, we can certainly expect many more introductions to virgin surf locales like San Francisco in the coming years.

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    The Dance Party Just Keeps Going

    Written by philoSURFer on April 22nd, 2011

    Several weeks later, and I still can’t stop watching this video. It’s not like I have it linked in my favorites (it’s actually in my bookmarks), and it’s not like I make up a significant percentage of the overall views (only 27.38%). I somehow just can’t help but feel that is clip was made just for me.

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    Priority Bites

    Written by philoSURFer on March 22nd, 2011


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    Mitch Coleborn fondles away the charges

    Written by philoSURFer on March 20th, 2011

    20110321-114345.jpg Since I unsurprisingly haven’t received a press release from his undoubtedly very proud sponsors, I decided to poke around a little to see what the latest news was on Mitch Coleborn’s legal troubles in the great pasty white north. A simple google search revealed that Mitch was cleared of all charges in early March.

    More eye opening than the dropped charges were the allegations against him. Per Australia’s 7 NEWS online, “Authorities had alleged Coleborn, after a night of partying, exposed and fondled his genitals in front of a group of children and adults as they walked to a school in the morning.”

    Glad to hear he was simply exposing and fondling himself for the locals, rather than doing something unseemly like taking a leak against a tree or changing out of his wettie. Maybe some lucky young Canadian kid can take Mitch in for career day/show and tell when the tour hits Tofino this year.

    Good on ya, Mitch! Keep making us proud.

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    Fighting’s funny with J Flo and Sunny

    Written by philoSURFer on February 19th, 2011

    So you’re out surfing your local break with a thousand of your closest friends during the Burleigh Breaka Pro. The water’s loaded with pros, both big names and unknown. You have a bit of a run in with the son of a traveling pro. The next thing you know, you’re getting choked out, dunked under water and massively beaten by a couple of the biggest names in pro surfing in your own backyard. Yep, Sunny and J Flo went all Russell Crow on some local yokel, then Sunny “kept things real” by chasing after and savaging one of the blokes who filmed the whole mess. Thank you, Sunny Garcia and Jeremy Flores for that bit of completely unnecessary, unprofessional and inappropriate ultra-violent entertainment. And, thanks to the young assault victim for not pressing charges after getting brutally beaten in public, and on video. While the initial accounts seem to offer a lot of finger pointing back and forth, perhaps we’ll be treated to a more accurate assessment of the encounter in the coming days. Had that same beating gone down stateside, I somehow think that all involved would have automatically spent the night in the clink. Good on ya, Australia for allowing the lads a fair scrap to sort things out. Fair dinkum!

    Okay, so here’s some video coverage of the actual mess.

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    Sports Illustrated celebrates Bruna Schmitz

    Written by philoSURFer on February 18th, 2011

    It’s hard enough to get mainstream attention in surfing, even if your name ends with Slater. Congrats to Bruna Schmitz for crossing that line for her god-given talents.

    Being one of the best surfers on the planet made Bruna relevant. Being among the sweetest of eye candy while being one of the best surfers on the planet made her worthy of mainstream media coverage (or, uncoverage). Congrats to Sports Illustrated for realizing what we competitive surf enthusiasts have known for some time – you can never have enough photos of Bruna in her business suit. Jeremy Flores wisely caught on to this before the rest of the world, landing her as his better half and favorite team rider (for Moskova underwear, of course).

    Go pick up a copy of the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue at the store, online or on your favorite iDevice.

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    ISLE is ready to ruin your Valentine’s Day

    Written by philoSURFer on February 14th, 2011

    Because nothing says “I love you” better than his and hers SUPs.

    Get ready for your douchiest Valentine’s Day celebration ever.

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    Life Is Better When You Surf

    Written by philoSURFer on February 13th, 2011

    Global Surf Industries is giving away one free board a year for ten years to one lucky scribe. Head on over to their event site and pour out your heart and soul as to why life is better when you surf.

    That’s all! Keep it under 150 words and don’t hold anything back. Go ahead and tell the world how surfing replaced autoerotic asphyxiation as a safer way to get your rocks off. If your story resonates with the crew over at GSI, you might just be the proud owner of a free, annually refreshing quiver. Check out GSI’s latest offerings, and be sure to enter the giveaway before February 28th.

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    A pattern is beginning to emerge – take 3

    Written by philoSURFer on January 18th, 2011

    As always, big sets dominate the west.

    Meanwhile, still no movement in the east.

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    A pattern is beginning to emerge – take 2

    Written by philoSURFer on January 13th, 2011

    Ice and snow,
    Wind and flatness.
    Waist high winter waves can be punchy and fun,
    But not with 50 knot offshores.

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    A pattern is beginning to emerge

    Written by philoSURFer on January 11th, 2011

    Someone forgot to check in with the competition.

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    Wake me up when the waves return

    Written by philoSURFer on January 6th, 2011

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    Welcome back Parko!

    Written by philoSURFer on November 22nd, 2010

    Welcome back, Joel! Your style has been missed.

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    Kelly Slater goes to Ten

    Written by philoSURFer on November 6th, 2010

    Kelly Slater wins his tenth world title surf champ ten

    The picture says it all…

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    Clash of the Old Guys

    Written by philoSURFer on November 4th, 2010

    Yeah, it’ll be interesting to watch.

    But, I can’t help but feel that more than a few legends are being left out.

    Cheyne Horan

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    Reef Hawaiian Pro Announcement

    Written by philoSURFer on November 3rd, 2010

    Miss Reef Hawaiian Pro Hawaii

    I am told that this announcement includes some reference to a surf contest or surf event of some kind.

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    Andy Irons, you will be missed

    Written by philoSURFer on November 2nd, 2010

    Andy Irons R.I.P.The world lost an amazing person today. We lost a hero. We lost a champion. We lost a genuine person. We lost a dedicated and loving husband. We lost a beloved son and brother. We lost a soon to be father. We lost a tremendous presence in and out of the water.

    My life is better for having known Andy. I have always appreciated his surfing, but being a rabid fan of Slater always seemed to make Andy look like the bad guy. Then I met him. He was never the bad guy. The room was just too small for two elephants. He was really an immensely likable personality. He told me his story. We shared laughs. I’m glad I got to dispel my bad feelings for him before he passed. I’m glad that he and Kelly were able to squash their bad feelings for one another and even become friends before he passed.

    This is the single biggest loss in surfing history. We’ve lost other heroes, who as people, were no less great, but never have we lost a surfer of Andy’s stature, prominence, dominance, fame and infamy.

    My heart-felt thoughts, prayers and wishes go out to Lyndie and his family. His star will always shine on us all. His presence will be truly missed.

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    Kelly Slater and Jordy Smith “skate” through to round 3 in Puerto Rico

    Written by philoSURFer on October 30th, 2010

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    Kelly Slater’s Puerto Rican numbers game

    Written by philoSURFer on October 29th, 2010

    Old news now, but be sure to keep your eyes on the numbers as things go live in Puerto Rico.

    Courtesy of

    For Slater to clinch his historic 10th ASP Crown at the Rip Curl Pro Search Puerto Rico, the following scenarios must occur:
    - If Slater finishes Equal 3rd or better, he clinches the 2010 ASP World Title.
    - If Slater finishes Equal 5th or Equal 9th, Smith must win the event to send the ASP World Title Race to Hawaii.
    - If Slater finishes Equal 13th or Equal 25th, Smith must finish Equal 3rd or better to send the ASP World Title Race to Hawaii.
    - Essentially, if Smith fails to finish higher than Equal 5th, Slater claims the 2010 ASP World Title.

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    Mick Fanning in the Karate Kid – the PROOF

    Written by philoSURFer on October 25th, 2010

    Straight from What more proof do you need?

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    Mitch Coleborn’s Northern Exposure

    Written by philoSURFer on October 24th, 2010

    Mitch Coleborn has made a name for himself in the surfing world for his innovation and high flying aerials. He’s the face of the new progressive push and a prominent member of the “Modern Collective”. Unfortunately, it was his latest move that has put him in newspaper headlines all over the world.

    Mitch was arrested in Canada a little over a week back following “an incident” that occurred the morning after the last day of competition.

    The charge: indecent exposure.

    The allegation: exposing himself to children and adults near a school.

    So, was it a drunken blunder, a wettie changing flash, pissing in public, a bit of a streak for shits and giggles, or something much more sinister?

    Let’s take a look at what the media is saying.

    Said ESPN:

    “Australian surfer Mitch Coleborn was arrested Friday in Tofino, on Canada’s Vancouver Island, where he was competing in O’Neill’s Coldwater Classic series.

    According to reports on, the 23-year-old exposed himself in front of a group of kids and adults near an elementary school around 8:40 a.m. last Friday. Reports suggest alcohol was involved in the lead up to the offense. Royal Canadian Mounted Police sergeant Jeff Preston told ESPN that Coleborn was charged with indecent exposure.

    If convicted, Coleborn could face severe visa penalties, which would limit where in the world he could travel to compete in surf contests. The U.S. could be among his restricted countries.

    Coleborn also faces the prospect of his name being placed on Canada’s national sex offender’s registry.”

    A registered sex offender in Canada? Banned from traveling to the U.S.? That’s a sentence that should have been enforced on Bryan Adams and Celine Dion decades ago.

    Said the Vancouver Sun:

    “The 23-year-old man, from the Sunshine Coast in Australia, was in custody until Friday night after allegedly exposing himself to adults and children about a block from Tofino’s Wickaninnish Elementary School early that morning.

    This is a very isolated incident, alcohol and possibly drug use is a key factor in this incident.”

    Alcohol, drugs, nudity… We’re just missing weapons, violence, prostitution and gambling. Who the hell is getting drunk and doing drugs so early in the morning anyway? Or, was Mitch still going from the night before? Read on.

    Australian Surfing Life said:

    “After celebrating Josh Kerr’s win at the Cold Water Classic in Tofino, Canada, Mitch was still going in the early hours of the next day. Around 8am the next morning is when the details get blurry, and some form of nude incident occurred, unfortunately in close proximity to Wickaninnish Elementary School. Next you know, Mitch is on news websites the world over. First reports were horrific, with headlines screaming terms like “flasher”, ‘fondling” and “genitalia”. Local TV in Australia picked up and ran the story, some throwing “jail” and “sex offenders directory” into the mix.”

    It sounds like it was an all night bender that rolled on into the next morning. While I’m sure they have a bit more insight into what actually took place, ASL has chosen to avoid speculating (commenting) on what really happened in exchange for Mitch’s alleged vow to “tell all”, once the dust settles. So, did the Royal Canadian Mounted Yaksmen let him out of Canada alive?

    According to

    “He is to remain within the province of British Columbia and he is not to attend any park or school or be within 100m of a park or school and he has to abstain from the consumption of alcohol and drugs,” Sgt Preston, listing Coleborn’s bail conditions, said.

    No drinking, drugs, or visiting parks or schools? Sounds like he’s taking his vows for the priesthood. Is he stuck forever in the great white north?

    Back to ESPN:

    Updated Oct. 21: According to the, a Canadian judge granted Mitch Coleborn permission to leave the country, as long as he returns in time for his Nov. 1 court date in British Columbia.

    “He made an application that instead of surrendering his passport, could he deposit $5,000 [Canadian] as an indication of his intention to return to face the charges,” Crown prosecutor David Kidd told the Herald Sun. “That was allowed.”

    Coleborn is allegedly heading to Santa Cruz, Calif., to compete in this week’s finale of the O’Neill Coldwater Classic.

    $5,000 Canadian! Christ, that’s almost $8.73 American! Unfortunately, Mitch didn’t show up for his first round heat in Santa Cruz, but I’m sure he’ll pop up again soon with an update.

    This whole experience will probably serve as a lesson learned for Mitch. You can bet that in the future he’ll avoid mixing suds, sausage and school kids. We’re all wishing him a quick and fair resolution to this episode and can’t wait to hear all the (likely mundane) details.

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    Many Pro Surfers are Dickheads

    Written by philoSURFer on October 21st, 2010

    A huge thank you to the kind folks across the pond who are behind this video.

    I can now confirm beyond any doubt that many pro surfers (along with a large number of my surfing friends) are absolute dickheads (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

    Some may call me an asshole, dick, cocksucker, bitch, whore, trog, wanker, kook or any other number of things, but at least I will never, ever be mistaken for being a dickhead.

    Who’s your favorite pro surfing dickhead?

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    Almost there, Kelly

    Written by philoSURFer on October 19th, 2010

    It’s good to be the king. Kelly Slater knows that more than any surfer dead or alive.

    Two events to go and as long as he shows up and wins a few heats, he’ll get World Title number ten.

    Will he be able to keep his cool, or will he collapse under the pressure and watch the last challenger, Jordy Smith, steal away his big hurrah?

    It’s hard to imagine he’ll let this one fall away. If by some weird twist of fate it does, it’s even harder to imagine him finding the drive and rhythm to give it another go next year. Then again, everyone said that after he won his first three titles. Then again after his fourth. Then again after his fifth. Then again….

    Relax, Kelly! This one’s in the bag. It’s just a matter of whether you close this one up in Puerto Rico or Hawaii.

    The real question is, will ten be enough?

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    Kelly Slater – Elder Statesmen Extraordinaire

    Written by philoSURFer on October 15th, 2010

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    Taj Burrow the Bridesmaid

    Written by philoSURFer on October 14th, 2010

    Poor Taj Burrow. Always the bridesmaid but never the bride.

    The Rip Curl Pro Portugal is a wrap and the title race has officially gone from four to two. Taj had an amazing end of the 2009 season and seemed unbeatable at the start of the 2010 season. A few stumbles later, he’ll finish yet another year as a title challenger without a title. The world thought this was going to be his year, but it wasn’t to be.

    Mick Fanning had a more consistent run and made a late season push in the title race. He was able to momentarily steal some of the thunder and fire from the two front-runners, but another world title was not in the cards…… this year. The slow, painful death of three to the beach continues. May that coffin soon find all of its nails.

    And then there were two. Kelly and Jordy. Kelly with an almost insurmountable lead and Jordy with a never, never, never ever say die approach. Kelly could sleep through his heat and still take this one, but there’s still the teensiest little chance Jordy could sneak through. It’s not gonna happen, but Jordy will definitely get his own title one day.

    I’m stoked for Kelly, excited to see him get number ten and find myself breathing a sigh of relief that Mick didn’t slide in to first, but… I just can’t help but feel sorry for Taj Burrow. In a lot of ways, I just feel like this was his last big shot. If only the title race was like a game of horseshoes.

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    Mick Fanning loses the Lightning in Portugal

    Written by philoSURFer on October 13th, 2010

    In what was sure to be a real nailbiter for southern hemi white audiences everywhere (Aussies and Saffas), Mick “I need to start winning events” Fanning was handed an early exit to his sponsor’s event at the hands of the lowest ranked surfer this season, Travis Logie. Mick’s loss at the 2010 Rip Curl Pro Portugal will definitely be a bit of a setback for his campaign for a third world title, but unless someone proves otherwise, he’s still technically in the running for the crown. It can’t be too good for the Mick’s ego, losing so early in a Rip Curl event to the back-of-packers’ back-of-packer. Then again, Logie did destroy Dane Reynolds in the previous round.

    Equally unlucky on this unholy Tuesday was Taj Burrow, who was also knocked out in round three. Taj’s defeat at the hands of rookie back-of-packer Matt Wilkinson allegedly means an end to his 2010 World Title campaign. One of these years, Taj. One of these years.

    In other less dramatic news:

    • Piss and poo, numbers one and two, both Kelly Slater and Jordy Smith won their ways through to at least round five (thank you, round four – aka: losers round numero dos).
    • Jadson Andre continued his frontside air reverse dominance, pulling out an after the horn win over Brett Simpson with a two on one wave serving of his patented aerial attack.
    • Owen Wright pulled a full rotation frontside air reverse with a mute grab that made Dane Reynolds cream himself. Want to know how to get a perfect 10 in chest high beach break? Throw one clean hack and one full rotation frontside air reverse with a mute grab. That’s how Owen rolls.

    Only twelve surfers are left standing in Portugal; two of them title campaigners. Stay tuned to see how it all unravels.

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    Jadson Andre has a Reverse

    Written by philoSURFer on October 12th, 2010

    Yep. He’s still doing what everyone continues to knock him for – being Brazilian his patented frontside air reverse.

    It might not always be pretty to look at, it might not always be above the lip and it might not be a unique maneuver (for him), but Gods damn it, he does them consistently. One of my biggest critiques of Mick Fanning – his constant repetition (that patented top turn he does on ev-er-y single wave) – is now being thrown at Jadson Andre. While I initially thought most of the criticism was coming from the sizable anti-Brazilian camp (the English speaking world), I now get what others are spewing and I’m here to dispute it.

    Here’s the difference between Jadson and Mick:

    Mick approaches every wave the way a 1980′s campaigner would – get my three to the beach, do clean turns and I’ll get the win. His top turn, which I’ve cried about ad nauseam, is tight, technically perfect and super consistent. But… there’s not a guy in a World Tour event who can’t do three big, near identical top turns on a decent wave.

    Jadson’s approach involves the typical Mick Fanning “house building” with frequent frontside air reverses serving as extensions of his top turns. Half of the guys on tour could stomp down a similar frontside reverse on a decent wave, only one third of that half could land those airs with near the consistency Jadson can, and only a sixth of that third could go on to land a second identical air on the same wave.

    Mick is über talented and insanely consistent, yet often repetitive and downright boring. You almost always know what’s coming and rarely does he throw a maneuver that has the crowd on its toes (unless it’s an Aussie crowd). No one’s expecting anything more and if they are, they’re probably not gonna get it.

    Jadson is equally talented and just as consistent. He can turn and get barreled with the same consistency as Mick, and… he can also do frontside reverse airs just as consistently. Mick can not. Nor can almost anyone else on tour. Like ‘em or not, his airs are difficult, explosive, get the crowd fired up and get the job done.

    Now get back to work on your baby hacks and landing your first credit card air.

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    Mick Fanning rests between events

    Written by philoSURFer on October 5th, 2010

    Remember – if you haven’t already taken the time, log on here if you’re anti-Mick Fanning.

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    Mick Fanning wins France – robots everywhere rejoice

    Written by philoSURFer on October 3rd, 2010

    After missing yet another final during the Trestles event a few weeks back, Mick Fanning said he had to “start winning events”. One week later he surfed his way to the winner’s podium in France with his normal machine like precision. Was it coincidence, prescience, or perhaps something more sinister (mechanical engineering?)?

    Winning the Quiksilver Pro France puts Mick firmly in title contention, leapfrogging two spots to third in the rankings. He surfed admirably, finding barrels in the shifty, peaky, jumbo-sized conditions, while fellow finalist Kelly Slater failed to find the high scoring waves. Kelly might still be sitting in the catbird seat going into Portugal, but Jordy, and now Mick, are nipping close at his heels. With three events to go, the title race is far from over.

    Now, back to robots…

    Slater’s storied connection with the ocean borders on supernatural, but Mick’s connection in France was just unreal. Some might say it was luck. Some might say that he was in the right places at the right times. But, I know better. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Mick doesn’t just surf like a robot – he is a robot. Through some high-tech combination of sonars, pressure gauges, advanced gyroscopes and accelerometers, Mick knew exactly where to be and when to be there.

    I have never met the guy, but I’m pretty far from being a fan and don’t think there’s much that could change my mind (and I’m not quite sure Mick would care, as robots don’t have feelings). You don’t have to like his character, personality or style. You don’t have to like his three to the beach approach to heats, and you don’t even have to like his bottle cap removing signature sandals. But, god damn it, you have to respect his ability to do what has to be done, exactly when it’s most critical. Ironically, I’m a huge fan of science fiction, but I’m smart enough to know that tussling with robots almost never ends well (Matrix, Terminator, Battlestar Galactica, etc.). Here’s hoping Kelly can pull out number ten or Jordy can steal a first title, before Mick’s engine cranks up to full gear.

    If you didn’t see the contest live, be sure to check out all the heats on demand and clips on the Quiksilver Pro website. If you’ve already seen it, or have time to kill before the Rip Curl Pro Portugal, log on here to register your distaste for Mick Fanning.

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    The Kelly Slater-Julian Wilson France Dance

    Written by philoSURFer on October 1st, 2010

    Time to revisit the Zoolander-Hansel Torch Advancement Theory. The upcoming round 3 Kelly Slater-Julian Wilson heat at the 2010 Quiksilver Pro France is well deserving of a Zoolander style sweding and a few quick observations.

    First, however the heat goes, it’s a win-win for the house of Quik. If Slater wins and proceeds to plow through heats, he puts himself that much closer to claiming a tenth crown. If Julian wins, Quiksilver can trumpet his success as the obvious heir apparent to Slater’s winning ways. Either way, a top Quiksilver team rider advances to round 4.

    Second, however the heat goes, it’s a lose-lose for almost anyone on the planet who actively plays Fantasy Surfer. If you didn’t have both of these guys on your team, you weren’t really playing. Kelly’s current lead in the title race and his status as the winningest guy on tour make his acquisition a no brainer. Julian’s giant-killing ways and bargain basement, wildcard price make his addition unquestionable. However it goes, be prepared to lose a horse in this race.

    Now, back to the Zoolander-Hansel torch advancement theory. The king is getting older. He hasn’t yet lost his star power, his ability to dominate and his crowd dazzling ways, but there’s a hot Young Gun on his heels, ready to take over the world. Is that young gun Julian? Doubtful. Is it Jordy? More likely. For this round 3 heat, all of the pressure in the world sits on Kelly, while the young Julian gains nothing by winning and loses nothing by losing.

    Can you feel the tension?

    Kelly can.

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    Maya Gabeira – ‘Cause Size Matters

    Written by philoSURFer on September 28th, 2010

    I recently caught up with the surfing world’s favorite size queen, Maya Gabeira. A perfect mixture of talent, beauty, charm and absolute, brass balls, Maya has it all. She was in town for a short visit and took some time to chat about her surfing and life.

    Want to know what she was doing on the East Coast, her worst hold down story and her current relationship status? Read on.

    What brings you to the East Coast and how long are you here?

    I’m here for The Carissa and Maya Project, a Red Bull event focused on New York and New Jersey. It’s a chance for Carissa Moore and me to meet with local top amateurs and exchange experiences, tips and stories with them. This is really an opportunity to bring industry attention to a female talent rich area of the country that doesn’t get as much attention as California and Hawaii. Carissa was here for the first four days and I’m here for the last four.

    It’s my second time in New York. This time, I’m only here for a few more days then off to Fiji or back home to Encinitas, California.

    You started surfing rather late in life, no?

    Yeah. I was 14. My former boyfriend was a surfer. I was inspired by him and went to surf school in Ipanema and just kept going.

    What does the ex-boyfriend think of how you’ve risen to the top of the surfing world?

    He still lives in Rio and he’s always traveling the world surfing. I’m sure he’s happy for me. He’s a really good guy.

    How did you go from surf school in Rio to surfing big waves?

    I actually got into it when I first went to Hawaii at 17. Some of the guys would take me out regularly at big Sunset just to see it and get comfortable. I also surfed Pinballs at Waimea my first season there. Then, I just graduated to the big stuff.

    Do you ever do paddle-ins or are you strictly focused on tow-ins?

    This summer, I only paddled. I haven’t towed recently, but I’ll probably tow a lot this winter. Over the course of the year, I usually do equal amounts of paddle-ins and tow-ins.

    As a female big wave pioneer, what surfers do you look up to?

    Jamilah Star and Keala Kennelly. I’m always looking up the guys as well – Carlos Burle, my tow partner. Shane Dorian had an incredible season, Greg Long, Twiggy… there are so many guys now and they’re all so good. I’m like the little sister who’s always traveling with them.

    You must have had some pretty wild experiences. Could you describe your worst hold down experience?

    Oh, that happened just this past season in Hawaii. I was surfing Waimea this January when the whole bay closed out. Everyone out there got caught inside together. I got dragged with my board over ten different guys. I was held down for two waves and was all tangled up. While I was under, I released my quick-release leash. When I came up, my board was tangled up with all of the other guys’ boards on the inside. So, fortunately I didn’t have to swim that far to get to it. There’s so much current moving around the middle of the bay there. I really could have died.

    Would you rather surf perfect, glassy head high barrels or four times overhead?

    I love big waves and they definitely bring me way more satisfaction, but I also like a nice point break. I was surfing Puerto Escondido recently and we had so many big waves for such a long time that I just wanted to surf a small cruisy point break.

    Are you always on the lookout for new big wave destinations to surf?

    Not really. There are some waves I’ve really fallen in love with – Teahupoo, Mavericks, Waimea and Jaws. I try to focus all my travels on those places when they get big.

    Surfers from Brazil often get a bad rap with the English speaking world. What’s your experience with this and any advice for Brazilians?

    Being a woman has definitely helped me a lot. I also think learning the language has been really helpful. I think learning English could really help a lot of the guys fit in better, especially as more and more Brazilians are doing well in competitions.

    Where did you pick up your English?

    It’s kind of like our second language growing up in Rio and we learned it at school from a young age. I also did an exchange program in Australia when I was 15, then learned to speak much better in Hawaii and from traveling so much.

    Here’s the question everyone wants to know – are you currently in a relationship?

    [laughing] People want to know that? No. I’m single.

    So does a guy have to do to win your heart? Is big wave surfing a necessity?

    He doesn’t need to be a big wave surfer. He needs to be somebody humble, grounded and funny. Someone who can really be a good friend.

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    Jordy Smith gets perspective

    Written by philoSURFer on September 25th, 2010

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    Zoolander-Hansel Torch Advancement Theory

    Written by philoSURFer on September 23rd, 2010

    Kelly Slater might be back out in front, but Jordy Smith sure as hell ain’t going down without a fight. Others have gone tit-for-tat with Slater over the years, but Kelly has always managed to stay on top and return for another title. Andy Irons and Mick Fanning have both won a few titles under Kelly’s watch, but the generational gap between them was never that big a deal. Then came Jordy.

    The Talented Mr. Smith is looking quite comfortable sitting near the top of the ratings after just a few short years on tour. Is he the obvious successor to Slater’s dominance? Possibly. Does he have the drive and skill to stay at the top? Definitely. He unquestionably belongs in the top 3, and it’s only a matter of time before he begins to eclipse the (now much) older generation.

    To explain this, I present the Zoolander-Hansel Torch Advancement Theory. What the fuck, you may ask, does it mean? Well, at some point in time, the previous generation must always pass the torch on to the following generation. Derek Zoolander was on top of the world. His dominance was unrivaled. There wasn’t a campaign he couldn’t land, a show he couldn’t steal or a crowd he couldn’t wow. Then he got a bit older. While models of his own generation still appreciated and respected him, the next generation wasn’t going to stay forever in his shadow. Along came Hansel. This brash, extreme young stallion was the hottest thing since crushed velvet. At first Zoolander tried to ignore him, then he challenged him, and finally, he was defeated by the long-locked youngster. It was only when he eventually embraced and accepted Hansel as his obvious successor that Zoolander was able to go out on top with dignity and respect.

    It’s hard not to continue rooting for our own 9 time world title winning Zoolander. Unfortunately, it’s equally hard to ignore our own strapping, young South African Hansel. Personally, I’m hoping Slater can pull off this one last “campaign” before passing the torch on to his likely successor. Let’s see how things play out as we move on to Europe.

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    Observations from the 2010 Hurley Pro

    Written by philoSURFer on September 20th, 2010

    Now, stop me if you’ve heard this one before….

    Kelly Slater wins at Trestles.

    When 9 world titles just aren’t enough, Kelly is well on his way to securing number 10. Six events down, four to go and Kelly is 4500 points ahead of his nearest competitor, Jordy Smith. He’s now the only guy on tour to have won more than one event this season. With all due respect to my favorite elder statesman, Taylor Knox, Deputy Slater ain’t doing half bad as the second oldest guy on tour.

    Okay, you’ve definitely heard that all before. So here are a few other observations from the 2010 Hurley Pro…

    - Dane Reynolds’ huge punt and overall performance in round 3 was ridiculous. Poor Luke Stedman didn’t even have a chance.

    - Bede Durbidge was kicking ass and taking names. So, why the hell does he still feel like an underdog to me? How many times does poor Bede have to finish in the top 10 before I start feeling like he belongs there?

    - Owen Wright did not get robbed. If I had a nickel for everyone I heard cry that Owen was robbed in his quarterfinal matchup against Slater, I’d have a nice handful of change. Owen’s 5th wave of the heat… yeah, the one with the above the lip full rotation frontside reverse air, took the highest single wave score of the heat, a 9.2. He just wasn’t able to back it up. Unfortunately for Owen, Kelly was. Move on. Nothing more to see here.

    - Jordy really, really didn’t like getting pushed to number two. When the final horn blew, he looked like a kid who just had his favorite toy taken away. He wasn’t exactly outsurfed in the quarters, but Bede just trumped him on wave selection. You’re still in the race Jordy. Keep your chin up.

    - Regardless of his round 3 loss to Damien Hobgood, there can’t be a single guy on tour who is comfortable drawing Jadson Andre when there are lefts on offer. Knock the repetition of his signature frontside reverse all you want, but he’s more consistent with his airs than almost every other guy on tour.

    - The new format with an extra losers’ round is a bit puzzling. I enjoy watching the extra heats, but a second losers’ round before the quarterfinals just seems kinda silly. Up next… a losers’ round after every round.

    - Trestles put out like a whore. If you weren’t mindsurfing the fuck out of the waves on the final day of competition, check your pulse.

    - Did you see Taylor Knox’s air? If not, it looked something like this:

    He landed on the back of the wave and didn’t ride out of it, but who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks?

    We’re less than a week away from the kickoff of the Quiksilver Pro France. ‘Til then, check out the heats on demand and all of the other goodies over at the Hurley Pro website.

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    Summer blows

    Written by philoSURFer on September 17th, 2010

    In my younger years, there was no better time than summer. The beach was my babysitter. I’d get dropped off in the morning with towel, board and a bag lunch, and picked up at dark with sunburn, pit rash and a growling stomach. Empty waves were plentiful (hindsight is always 6 foot and barreling) and crowds were slim (though the tight pack of older locals hazed my balls off). All was right in the world.

    Then came graduation, graduation and another graduation, work, bills, family, responsibilities and crowds. By my mid 20s, I already found myself reminiscing about the good old days before surfing became hip again. I was barely 25 and already echoing the sentiments of the 40-somethings and 50-somethings of my youth. Jaded, overworked, undersurfed, lather, rinse, repeat. The eternal summer of my youth had faded quicker than Slater’s hairline.

    Take this summer for example. June provided maybe two (2) barely surfable days in total. July perked up a wee bit, along with serious crowds. August was better than June and worse than July, but the crowds in the water were reminiscent of a Times Square New Year celebration without any of the fun. Sure I logged a lot of water hours, got way more than my fair share of waves and even had some memorable warm water sessions at home. Sure surfing, like sex, pizza or sex, is kinda good, even when it’s bad. Sure I’d rather be fighting with crowds in the water than watching the crowds fight in the water on the surfcam from my soul crushing office. But… whatever shining moments this summer presented paled in comparison to almost any single day of any summer of my youth.

    So I say with complete sincerity and peace of mind, “fuck you summer.” Take your crowds, donkeys, fair-weather warriors and the rest of your coterie of douches, and go shtup yourself. I’ll take cold water, empty beaches and the handful of lingering kooks anytime over your ultra-crowded mediocrity. You keep getting worse. My fall, winter, spring, and most importantly, my memories just keep getting sweeter.

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    Shit-class streaming with the ASP

    Written by philoSURFer on May 5th, 2010

    Dear ASP,

    Please get your shit together.

    Kind regards,

    Surfers everywhere

    The ASP and Billabong put on another world-class event with another shit-class feed. I ask you, what’s worse than constant “buffering”? Oh yeah, not getting a feed at all.

    Following the horrible connection in round 1 and the complete live feed meltdown that took place in round 2, the powers that be issued the following statement:

    “ASP International and Billabong apologize for the issues will live streaming during the first two rounds of competition. Our technicians are rapidly working at resolving the issue and hope to have it resolved by the start of Round 3. We thank you for your patience.”

    Just imagine watching the Superbowl and having the live feed drop out for an entire quarter. Chaos would ensue… riots, death, destruction, looting, suicide, etc. While you may argue that it’s unfair to put professional surfing events on an even footing with the most watched game in America, surfing will never get close to the same ballpark if the ASP can’t successfully stream an event. Seriously. Following the streaming abortion that was the Bells event, the ASP is now batting only 1 for 3 this year.

    Now, flash back to the Quiksilver event on the Gold Coast. Granted, Quik almost always manages to get things right, but this years event on the Goldie was a shining example of just how well the live streaming of an event can go. No lags, no drop offs, no waiting, no Adobe Flash issues. Just pure, unadulterated surf porn for the contest minded. Quiksilver even went above and beyond, making their event mobile-friendly with (completely functional) real live streaming sans Flash on a variety of mobile devices.

    One step forward, two steps backwards

    On a positive note, the ASP updated their iPhone App halfway through the Brazil event, giving it a better user interface and (are you sitting down?) live video streaming. However, in classic ASP form, the live streaming was completely half-assed. The app allowed streaming that was facilitated by some sort of remote desktop program, meaning that users weren’t connecting to a real live stream, but rather to a computer that was accessing the actual live stream via its own desktop browser. The result was sort of like watching a video of someone else’s computer that was streaming the event.

    So how bad was it? First, there was no sound… at all. Second, the computer desktop that was being streamed kept jumping out of full screen mode because of some “critical update” that was lurking on the Windows based system. This meant that viewers at home kept seeing a complete browser window with a tiny action window. You could even see the MS Windows “Start” icon, the system tray and the “critical update message”. Ahhhhh….. progress! I kept waiting for the user of the streamed computer to forget that their onscreen content was being streamed and start surfing porn sites or something. Alas, I was forced to settle for just a crappy feed of a feed of the contest.

    I’ll give the ASP an “A” for effort, but an “F” for execution. Please let this event mishap be one of the final stumbling blocks on the road to seamless HD streaming. This mess wouldn’t happen at the highest level of any other legitimate sport, so why should it be tolerated in surfing? The answer is, it shouldn’t. What money wielding advertiser would ever want to plunk down some coin for live commercial advertising, when it may or may not ever be seen by its target audience?

    The ASP really dodged a bullet this year when talk of an alternate tour died down. If they can’t get their shit together soon and start managing the sport with the level of professionalism it deserves, you can expect to hear a lot more talk of alternate tours. What the ASP can’t get right, ESPN, Fuel or any number of networks could. Evolve or die.

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    Billabong goes fully Brazilian

    Written by philoSURFer on May 3rd, 2010

    Brazilians were celebrating in the streets last week after rookie Brazzer, Jadson Andre took a close win over Kelly Slater in the 2010 Billabong Pro at Santa Catarina. Holding the event so early in the season was a good call. Beyond garnering a solid turn out by avoiding the anticlimactic nature of the usual late season placement of the event, the waves were rippable and the performance level was higher than ever.

    Some interesting things went down this week south of the border. There were nail-biters galore as rookies charged and many of the usual ratings leaders took earlier than expected exits. Oh… and the ASP managed to fuck up the live internet feed… yet again, but more on that tomorrow.

    The Good:

    Seeing the old man of the tour, Taylor Knox, make it to the quarters was inspiring, but seeing the youngest guns, Jadson Andre and Owen Wright destroying (almost) all takers was captivating. How exciting was it watching their huge, committed, fins free frontside blasts (even though they’re both shitfooted)? Even many non-Brazzers can concede, and even appreciate, Andre’s win over Slater.

    Jordy and Dane are continuing to elevate their game. Far from the passing fad some critics (ummm… yeah, me too) suspected these guys might become after their rookie year, the dynamic duo are making their heats look like highlight clips from their latest videos.

    Kelly Slater may be leading the rankings going into South Africa, but Jordy is nipping at his heels. I’m anxious to see what Jordy will do this year with his home court advantage.

    The Bad:

    Taj Burrow went down way too early. After he lost to Josh Kerr in the high flying final of the Drug Aware Pro back in March, I was already calling that he’d lost his mojo. I know what you’re thinking… a second place finish ain’t too shabby. But, please remember, this is Taj. He’s way too used to playing runner-up. I predicted the Drug Aware loss would do more than just ruin his winning streak. What followed? He went down to Mick Fanning in the semis at Bells just a few weeks later. Then this week he was knocked out by Travis Logie in the 3rd round. I wanted this to be Taj’s year. I really did. I still do actually. Not sure what it’s going to take to help Burrow get his groove back, but I hope he finds his way.

    The Ugly:

    Scan any surf message board around (outside of Brazil) and you’re likely to see a score of anti-Jadson Andre comments – “he was over-scored”, “Kelly won that hands down”, “he did the same crappy frontside reverse air on every wave” and “he has no style and his turns are all so flicky”. There are even quite a few comments out there that would make Mick Fanning blush.

    Underlying all of this is a deep anti-Brazilian sentiment in the surfing world. Most non-Brazzers have traditionally grouped Brazilians in the same class as boogers and rollerbladers. The American surfers posting away on these message boards could give two shits if an Aussie or South African takes an event, but when a Brazzer wins, the gloves come off and the vitriol flies. Enough with the patriotic (and even racist) shit-slinging. Give the kid the credit that he deserves. He took down a host of big names and handily defeated the 9 time world champ on his home turf. Not sure where the rest of his season is going, but at least his win at home is keeping the title race honest.

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    Life after tour with Lisa Andersen

    Written by philoSURFer on April 29th, 2010

    Photo: Allison Blanchette of BoxShots

    When Roxy unveiled their collaboration with Cynthia Rowley a few weeks back, their ever lovely ambassador, Lisa Anderson stopped in to mingle and model their wears. The four-time world champ was kind enough to spare a few moments away from the crowds to discuss surfing, travels, family and life after the tour.

    (Oh, yeah…. and Lisa in her 40s looks and acts how you wish your lady did in her 20s.)

    Where do you call home these days?

    I live in Huntington Beach, California.

    I was just reading that you were born in New York? Do tell.

    Yeah, I was actually born in Amityville, NY. I don’t really remember living there because I was really young. My mom was from Jamaica, Queens, my dad came over as a merchant marine from Denmark and they hooked up in New York. So I was born in New York, but we moved a short while after to Maryland for about a year, then Virginia for a few years, then Florida. I’m a real east coast girl.

    Photo: Allison Blanchette of BoxShots

    I watched you doing the web commentating at the Roxy event on the Gold Coast. Do you ever get the urge to be out there competing or would you rather be free surfing?

    Yeah. I don’t think there will be a day where I won’t want to be out there. When you’re a competitor like me who has already had a taste of it, it’s a hard thing to put to bed. But I know deep down that I’ve had my time and it was great, but this is me now. It’s hard sometimes because you want to be out there, but you know it has evolved so much and it would be kind of embarrassing if you paddled out and lost to a bunch of groms. You’d have to live with that for a while, so it’s better to go out on top than to try to throw yourself back into it.

    What do you think of the way women’s surfing has progressed since you were on tour?

    It’s amazing. They’ve really raised the level.

    I’m still keeping up. I keep getting these little spurts of progress, but surfing is just so tough on your body. I’ve had some troubles with my back over the years, but each time it recovers, getting back in the water is so natural.

    I’m a total fish. So when I’m out of the water I’m kind of blah and depressed. I literally need the salt in my blood and my skin. It’s one of those things that is like a remedy for me from all the chaos in life. If I’m not surfing I’m not happy. When I’ve been injured, I’ve been miserable. Watching these girls now is continuing to inspire me. It’s great to hear someone say, ” hey, I saw you out in the water and you’ve still got it”. You don’t want to hear anything different. You kind of want to still be part of it.

    Steph Gilmore comes to California all the time and it’s just so great to hang out with her and surf with her. She’s really inspiring. I’m a big fan of hers. The energy from all the girls on tour is amazing. They’re all really nice and all respectful. Whenever any of them say hi, it’s always with a big hug and kiss. We’re all like a big family.

    Photo: Allison Blanchette of BoxShots

    Speaking of Steph Gilmore, what was that I overheard about you and Peter Mel being married during the Gold Coast webcast?

    Ha! That was Steph Gilmore having a bit of fun on camera. She said, “I was just standing next to your gorgeous husband down on the beach”, but all anyone could see was her standing with Peter Mel.

    My “real husband” is a baseball guy. He comes from a real professional baseball family. Both he and his father played for the St. Louis Cardinals.

    What do you think the future holds for women’s professional surfing?

    That’s always a hard question. I used to say that when women’s surfing gets better and more mature, things will change, but now that that’s happened you don’t really see all the sponsorships and money following it. I think things are gradually starting to get better. It’s definitely gotten better since I left the tour. I have hope for it still. The girls are beautiful and they’re ripping and doing a great job. It’s just really hard to bring them to everyone’s televisions and to get everyone to connect. I think they’ll catch up with the men one day.

    What is life like post tour?

    You know what? There is life after pro surfing. I’ve had to reinvent myself. It’s been hard at times because you kind of don’t know where you fit. Surfing is a lot different than other professional sports that way. Since the sport hasn’t completely spread to mainstream America, we’re not household names. I’m lucky that I work at such a great company like Roxy that has given me such a cool job. I get to travel around the world surfing while representing the brand as an ambassador. I get to still be a part of all the great events and get to surf everywhere. Whenever Roxy has events I get to do some web commentating. I really just represent the brand everywhere I go. My calendar is rarely set in advance. Things just pop up all the time and I’m always busy. I’m just very lucky.

    Are you still surfing every day?

    Yeah. Except when I’m injured. I had a bad injury last year. My back was terrible and I wasn’t even able to get up to my feet. Since I’ve been back in the water, I really love it. It’s like I found a new connection. I need that time for myself, a few hours in the water everyday, to balance everything out – being a mom, being a wife, keeping a house, a dog and all that stuff. Getting that time to paddle out and surf gives me that time to think, get away and escape and clear my mind. Thats how it started for me in the beginning and now I’ve come full circle.

    Do you get to travel more for pleasure now that you’re not traveling for contests?

    I’m not really traveling “for pleasure”. What I do in general is pleasurable. It’s like a constant vacation. I’m going to Fiji and Mexico, and I just came back from Australia. I also might try to squeeze into a boat trip if one comes up in June or July. Being married, I try not to leave so much.

    Doesn’t your hubby surf?

    Yeah, and he’s always like, “I wanna come with you!”

    Photo: Allison Blanchette of BoxShots

    How about your kids? Are they surfing yet?

    That’s a funny question. If you asked me a year ago, I would’ve said no, but now I can say yes. My daughter is 16 and just recently got into surfing. She chose to take a surfing class to avoid physical education because she hates to sweat. Now, she just finished 4th in the state in the high school championships. I’m so proud of her. We try to get out together as often as we can.

    My 8 year old son hasn’t really gotten into it yet. I’ve pushed him into a few waves, but he’s had a couple of wipeouts that have freaked him out.

    When you do manage to sneak away, where are some of your favorite places to go?

    Boat trips are definitely great because you’re completely detached, but Australia is like the ultimate place to go visit. For Americans, it’s not quite like being in a foreign country. It’s a lot like home, but they’ve avoided a lot of our mistakes and their country is cleaner and more efficient and greener. It’s really built around a beach lifestyle with beautiful coastal communities. The surf lifestyle is just part of their culture. You go there and just think, “wow, I could live here”.

    Final question for ya – Who is one of your favorite surfers who doesn’t get the credit they deserve?

    Oh, I’m a huge fan of Pat O’Connell. Yeah, he did the tour, but he never really got where I thought he could’ve been. When I watch the Drive Thru shows on Fuel, I ask, “God, how did they overlook his talent?” His surfing is just insane. And, his story is so incredible because he moved from Chicago and started surfing at like 13, an age when most of his contemporaries were already sponsored and getting attention.

    I think he’s just incredible. I also think he had the whole competition thing figured out and could have done way better on tour if he just had the push. The really amazing thing is that he surfs as good now as he did when he was on tour….. better even.

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    Quiksilver’s new Cypher Series Boardshorts – Love at First Wear

    Written by philoSURFer on April 19th, 2010

    We all love our boardshorts to be stylish and functional, but unfortunately this all too often comes at the sacrifice of a fella’s bits and pieces. Any male surfer worth his salt has experienced the horrible feeling of post-surf friction rash in his nether regions. I’ve personally suffered more boardshort related discomfort downunder than just about anyone. I’ve even resorted to wearing all sorts of silly looking undergarments to protect myself, but for what? Wearing protection from your own boardshorts is just ridiculous and I’ve long wondered why someone hasn’t developed trunks that don’t feel like sandpaper on the inside. I mean, could it really be all that difficult to design?

    Enter Quiksilver

    The house of Quik has now stepped in to make the world safe again for your tender parts. Utilizing a patented “Diamond Dobby” technology, the great minds at Quiksilver have come up with a solid product that is both stylish and free of chaffing. The game-changing technology is a pattern of raised diamond shapes covering the inside of the boardshorts. The thousands of little diamonds create a texture that allegedly reduces skin contact by 30%, translating to decreased friction in the areas most irritated by traditional trunks. Further cutting down on the meat grating are the Lycra hems circling the legs, the overall lightness of the material, the built in four-way stretch and a neoprene fly enclosure. All of these little innovations combine to make the most comfy trunks on the market.

    Beyond function and comfort is style, and these trunks have it. The Cypher series boardies currently comes in over a dozen flavors and colors. I’ve given a run to the designs created for four of Quiksilver’s biggest names – Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Jeremy Flores and Julian Wilson. My personal favorite to date is the Dane Reynolds model, the “Brigg”. I’m digging the horizontal red and blue stripes of mine, and I understand they come in a couple of other color variations. They’re like a more stylish throwback to the golden age of surfing (think Greg Knoll without the ultra high waist). While you might not be able to punt full-rotation reverses like the shorts’ namesakes, you can take pride in sharing the same level of style and comfort as Quik’s top guns.

    Forget about the boardshorts that come with wax combs, bottle openers or other gimmicks. Instead, focus on function, comfort and style. Once you wear the Cyphers you’ll be hard pressed to wear another pair of trunks, unless you take pleasure in self mutilation. Protect your hangdown! Check ‘em out today at your local surf shop or order a pair online at Quiksilver.

    Oh yeah…. and if you’re the only person on the planet who hasn’t seen this yet, or if you just need a stoke fix, check out the promo video for the Cypher boardies, brought to us in glorious 1000 frame-per-second goodness.

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    The Unbreakable Mr. Slater

    Written by philoSURFer on April 10th, 2010

    Naysayers, haters and many a brash young’n have been arguing for a decade now that Kelly Slater is no longer relevant. Yet, year after year, Kelly has continued to prove them wrong. While the odds on Slater winning any event on tour are usually much higher than the pack, he pulled out an unexpected win at Bells Beach on Friday, surfing on an injured right foot. With an event performance befitting of Modern Collective, the 38 year old, hobbled warrior fought through to the finals, where he ultimately sent Mick “You’re a fvcking Jew” Fanning packing.

    At this time last year, everyone’s favorite shit-stirrer, Lewis Samuels alluded to the fact that Slater (and he, himself) was past his prime. Admittedly, Kelly had just wrapped up his second consecutive 17th place finish of the season, leading even the faithful to question his future. One month and another 17th place finish later, Samuels was calling Slater’s struggle “painful” to watch. Samuels stopped believing, while I kept the faith.

    Never count Slater out. After three consecutive 17ths, Kelly pushed through the rest of 2009 to finish 6th in the world. Not too shabby. Especially considering his start and all the negative buzz. To compare apples to apples, CJ Hobgood, who never took lower than 9th all season, still fell one slot behind Kelly in the final rankings.

    Taking down a series of big challengers is a walk in the park for Slater. Doing the same with a busted foot takes his legacy to a whole other level. Now sitting at 2nd in the world, just a few thousand points behind Taj Burrow, his surfing has never been more relevant. The cult of Kelly is alive and strong.

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    2010 Rip Curl Search lands Somewhere in Puerto Rico

    Written by philoSURFer on April 9th, 2010

    That’s right. Rip Curl has made it official. The 2010 Rip Curl Search is being held somewhere in Puerto Rico!

    Running from October 30th through November 10th, lets just hope the boys and girls of the big leagues can luck into some solid Caribbean swell. According to the powers that be, we’re likely to see the contests centered around the endless points, reefs and beach breaks that pepper the northwest corner of the island. So, from Jobos down to Rincon, we should see plenty of action.

    I’m a huge fan of PR, but still was convinced the Curl was going to pull the Barbados card, or perhaps even go for something a bit less traveled. Nevertheless, I’m absolutely stoked with their decision. Among other things, it gives me a solid excuse for an early season excursion to get a little surf and mofongo.

    I’m already imagining the wildcards lining up for a shot at the top – Brian Toth, Dylan Graves, Otto Flores, Carlos Cabrera…. and perhaps even a few of the New York/Puerto Rico seasonal guys, like Leif Engstrom.

    Stay tuned for more details, thoughts and a full overview of the waves on offer in Puerto Rico.

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    Cynthia Rowley does Roxy – philoSURFical drops in

    Written by philoSURFer on April 6th, 2010

    Photo: Chance Yeh at Patrick McMullan

    Cynthia Rowley and Roxy combined forces recently to unveil a line of surf inspired clothing and fashion inspired wetsuits. Throw in one Swedish industrial designer extraordinaire (Thomas Meyerhoffer), a couple pro surfers (Lisa Andersen and Kassia Meador) and a celebrity surfer (90210′s Gillian Zinser) into the mix and you had one hell of a scene.

    The scene was more fashion and less surf, but the gorgeous Roxy gals more than made up for the hordes of “aspiring actors and actresses” who assaulted our photographer for a bit of coverage. Alongside the new threads were a couple of Thomas Meyerhoffer’s unique boards which garnered nearly as many “oohs” and “ahs” as did the lovely ladies of surf. Nearly as many…

    While Rowley and Roxy’s eye popping and elegant duds, we had the opportunity to catch up with Lisa Andersen on life after the tour, Thomas Meyerhoffer on taking boards in new directions and Gillian Zinser on actors who surf, and Kassia Meador on how she can’t seem to keep away from New York. Stay tuned for some interviews and stories in the coming days and weeks.

    Photo: Chance Yeh at Patrick McMullan

    Photo: Allison Blanchette of BoxShots

    Photo: Allison Blanchette of BoxShots

    Photo: Allison Blanchette of BoxShots

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    Fanning-gate 2010: The Plot Mick-ens

    Written by philoSURFer on March 31st, 2010

    The Mick Fanning shitstorm continues in fits and spurts, with much of the media, both surf and non-surf, playing the apologist for Mick and knocking Stab’s publication of the “Fvcking Jew” article. How anyone (other than Mick) could truly blame Stab for this whole debacle defies reason. However, in a classic case of shooting the messenger, fans and media alike have been throwing Stab under the bus. How dare Stab attack the (gentile) people’s champion!?!

    As more truths rear their ugly heads, it’s becoming increasingly evident that Mick is every bit the douchenozzle that I always thought he was. Also evident is that Mick’s fanbase is every bit as corn-fed whitebread and ignorant as he is. Of all the shit-eating apologies that have been made on his behalf, I find the “Eugene” excuse to be the most infuriating. Following “Eugene” logic, in the world of Mick fan’s, anything stupid that takes place under the influence of alcohol is excusable and can be written off as a random act of Eugene. The fact that “Eugene” came out to play with Charlie Smith apparently makes Mick’s intoxicated blatherings beyond reproach. Expanding on this line of thought, if Mick were to get sauced and go for a drive, then plow into a crowd of school children… Yeah, you see where this is going. Drunk and stupid does not an innocent and ironic man make.

    Stab Magazine’s Charlie Smith went public with Fuel to explain how the whole thing went down. Whether or not Mick had an ax to grind with good ol’ Chuck, the “words” were said and Smith put them to press. Attacking Stab Magazine for this while making apologies for Mick’s behavior is the moral equivalent to attacking the police for the Mel Gibson incident while apologizing for Gibson’s behavior. Or, maybe Mel Gibson had a bunch of bad blood with the police and his vitriolic rant was therefore justified. Or, maybe Mel Gibson was just being “ironic”. The point is… leave Stab off this shitlist and focus on the assmouth who unleashed the mental diarrhea.

    I’ve always thought of Mick Fanning as the Johnny Lawrence of surfing. He’s the golden boy, ultra-popular jock type, who assumes the world is his because he wills it so. Mick’s a guy who is so cool, he can walk through dog shit and last night’s vomit in his signature sandals, then use the patented bottle opener on the sole of those same sandals to pop open a cool one. This man literally eats shit for breakfast (and protein supplements every half hour thereafter) and always comes out smiling and on top. What should have been Team Mick’s public relations disaster-to-end-all-disasters, has ignorantly been spun to point the finger back at Stab. While I somehow think Mick will ride out of this one just fine, his mass appeal has always arisen from his image and his surfing. With his image in the doghouse, Mick better surf his ass off.

    P.S. – I’ve suggested to friends that Mick get a little tolerance training from Fast Eddie and Makua Rothman, but somehow I don’t think he’ll go for it.

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    Reef finds a perfect fit with Alana Blanchard

    Written by philoSURFer on March 25th, 2010

    I was watching a couple of Women’s World Tour contests running back to back on Fuel TV the other day when a certain commercial caught my undivided attention. Reef ran an ad that prominently featured my favorite (looking) female surfer. I, like everyone else, had received the earth shaking press release back on January 6th that announced what is possibly the most perfect pairing of a company and team member in the history of sports branding. Forget Michael Jordan and Nike, Tiger Woods and Nike, and Kelly Slater and Quiksilver. This finest of all asset brandings was none other than Reef’s historic signing of Alana Blanchard.

    I’ve been sitting on that Reef press release for a couple of months, waiting for the proper moment to give comment, just as Reef surely targeted the lovely miss Alana years ago, waiting for her to become street legal. I remember receiving it and thinking, “this can only get better”. And, by the first commercial to hit the market featuring her “talents”, get better it has.

    My raging libido and chauvinism aside, Alana is one seriously talented lady. She more than proved her worth by a big win at the Vans Hawaiian Pro in Hawaii this winter. Unfortunately, that was the one event of the women’s Hawaiian season where the oh so crucial event points weren’t on offer for the winner. However, Alana’s win at the event earned her serious bragging rights, local hero status and proof that though she didn’t requalify for the 2010 World Tour, her talent is only matched by her beauty (rather than exceeded by it). With her looks and moves, hers is one of those classic but rare cases of life just ain’t fair for the rest of us.

    Here’s wishing Reef and Alana a long, happy, mutually beneficial and scantily clad relationship.

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    O’Neill’s not-so-Cold Water Classic -or- Seasick in Tasmania

    Written by philoSURFer on March 24th, 2010

    The first O’Neill Cold Water Classic event of the 2010 season kicked off today (yesterday, Tassie time) in shifty, windswept conditions.  Billed as “the most southern” surf contest, I give the O’Neill guys a lot of credit for dragging a contingent of the world’s best surfers down under, down under.

    As with almost any WQS event, the Tassie CWC is certainly entertaining to watch, but I’ll let someone else blather on about all the first round action in the warbly, peaky, ungroomed, seasick conditions.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’d paddle out there in a heartbeat.  But, unlike most of the guys down there competing, I didn’t just come off of a week of surfing truly “classic” conditions in Margaret River.

    While I admire the event’s original concept and unique choice of venue, the “Cold Water” title hardly applies. When you have guys donning only short sleeved fullsuits, you know the water is anything but cold.  Magic Seaweed has the water clocking in at a toasty 66 degrees, with the air temps of about the same.  Again, hardly what one would call cold. In fact, according to the temperature guidelines for my wax of choice, Sticky Bumps, 66 degrees falls comfortably within the range of both their cool water wax and their warm water wax.

    I think a middle road title is the best way to go on this one.  Let’s go with O’Neill Temperate Water Classic, Tasmania.  Now there’s an inspiring event title.  Well at least the weather can sort of be described as kind of cool and windy, and even (dare I say) blustery.

    On the plus side… despite the fact that this event is being held in the one-horse farm town of Marrawah, Tasmania, the streaming video has been remarkably reliable.  And that’s streaming through a wireless feed.  Not too shabby, especially considering last week’s video streaming abortion that was the Drug Aware Pro.

    Check out all the action at the O’Neill site, and stay tuned here for more observations on the world qualifying series’ most southern and most mistitled event.

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    Mick Fanning has unkind words for his Jewish fans

    Written by philoSURFer on March 22nd, 2010

    Just picked this up from an article on the Sydney Morning Herald – reigning World Champ, Mick Fanning apparently called Stab Magazine’s Charlie Smith a “fvcking Jew” several times during an interview that took place late last year.  Building off of some of the world’s worst negative stereotypes and biases, the Mickhead said nice things like, ”You totally fvcking write off surfing and then you make money off surfing. You’re a f—ing Jew.’

    Good on ya, Mick.  It’s a shame this didn’t come to light prior to the ASP awards in February, or you may have beaten the deadline for the douche of the year award. I’d like to say I didn’t see this one coming, but I’ve long held Mick out as a bit of a cooler than thou sort of fellow.

    Seems that he’s already apologized profusely, pleading irony and calling Stab racist and antisemitic. Unfortunately, once you let your tongue fly, those words of hate forever hang over your head.

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    I Want My ASP TV!

    Written by philoSURFer on March 22nd, 2010

    Just a couple of days ago, when logging on to the 2010 Drug Aware Pro (presented by Hurley) to catch the Round of 24 action in the “epic” surf they were claiming online, I had the great pleasure of being greeted with a notice stating, “This Account Has Been Suspended”. A few hours later, new hyperlinks went up on the ASP home page, linking through a “soon to be launched” internet media and hosting company called Polar Productions.  So what the hell happened?

    Regardless of the who or what is to blame, this communication breakdown just sucked. I get it that the whole live streaming video from remote locations thing is no walk in the park, but if I can seamlessly watch events shot live from a scaffold at Teahupoo, then there should be no problem streaming from just about anywhere.

    The real problem? A complete lack of centralized control over the contest media.

    Oh ASP, when will you learn to take control of your own destiny?

    I truly appreciate and have tremendous thanks for all that the sponsors have done for professional surfing. I’m one of the few true fans of both the established players and the up-and-comers who have parted with substantial coin to make pro surfing what it is today. They foot the bill for dozens of events annually, putting together outstanding competitions in remote and far flung venues. They also support teams of individual athletes, providing them with a comfortable living beyond contest earnings and a means to perfect their craft without having to turn tricks for extra cash.

    Unfortunately, the established surf co’s also wield near total control over the media associated with the events they sponsor. As a result, each event has its own dedicated website and its own discretion in the way it streams its video feed. This means that the viewers at home have to hunt down a new website for each event (the ASP website often fails to post a link to an event until the event is already well underway), and it makes for a stark contrast in the quality of the video stream, with each sponsor choosing its own streaming video format (e.g. the 2010 Drug Aware Pro stream, when it worked, sucked ass, while some events have used mindblowingly clear HD streams).

    This setup means the fans lose, the professional surfers lose and the sport loses. Again, a thousand mahalos to the surf companies who have built things up to where they are now, but if surfing is ever going to take “the next step”, the ASP will have to assert a little authority.

    The solution is out there. The ASP, as a governing body, needs to throw a little bit of its weight around and start calling a few shots. I get that the sponsors fund the ASP’s existence. This fact is not lost on me. Just the same, if the Quiksilvers and Billabongs and Rip Curls and O’Neills and Volcoms of the world want to continue producing world champs, there has to be a universal forum for competition. Hence, the sponsors and the ASP are locked together in a symbiotic relationship.

    Here’s my plan for bringing pro surfing to the masses while appeasing the sponsors:

    1. Let’s start with having all live contest feeds flowing directly from the ASP website – ASP TV, if you will. Internet video and television are blending on so many fronts that the arrival of the first dedicated surfing channel online is only a matter of time. Fuel TV and ESPN do a great job with recaps and event highlights (for World Tour events, at least), but we need a solid channel showing live events in HD or near HD quality, as they happen.

    2. Give the ASP live run rights, while allowing sponsors to retain ownership over all media from the event. The main event sponsors would still be able to maintain lead advertising (though a centralized channel for events would open up the opprtunity for significant additional advertising), and they could package related media highlights as they see fit, while making the viewing experience easier and more reliable for fans around the world.

    3. The sponsors could still develop their own event websites featuring their own forums, commentators, media, giveaways, heats on demand, etc., while streaming HD video from the ASP TV’s live feed.

    4. If there are multiple contests running at the same time, as there often are, the higher level event will take precedence on ASP TV.  Other events can stream off of secondary “channels” on the ASP home page.  You could eventually have multiple online channels – ASP TV, ASP TV2, ASP TV3, ASP TV Women’s, and so on, straight through to the ocho.

    5. The ladies get their own dedicated channel.  Give the gals the respect they deserve and let them get a bigger piece of the pie.

    6. When there are no live events running, the ASP can negotiate content deals with event sponsors for reruns, industry news programs, surf videos, etc.

    Kelly Slater and crew gave the ASP a push in the right direction with their much discussed “Rebel Tour”, but very few changes (beyond those previously planned) took place. Well, a little ain’t enough. The ASP has got to get on the change train before they get usurped. I want my ASP TV!

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    What’s SUP with the New York Times?

    Written by philoSURFer on March 18th, 2010
    I’m still at a loss as to why the New York Times sees fit to give such regular coverage to surfing.  Yes, they’ve hit on a few gems, and yes, I understand their readership is global, and yes, one can’t ignore the growing popularity of the “sport” and the active lifestyle it conveys, but enough is enough.  When my non-surfing father e-mails me links to a “really neato” surfing article in the Times on a weekly basis, the coverage has gone too far.  While I love my father to bits, his declaration of something as “really neato” is like a death sentence for that something.

    A few years back, seeing my first love in one of the world’s largest tabloids used to make me swell with pride.  I’d get all warm and tingly inside, thinking, “I’m a part of that, I’m in that tribe and no one else can truly understand or appreciate what I do”.  Then the articles became more frequent and moved away from covering travels to quirky surfing backwaters and began to focus more on non-exploitative vegan spiritual surfing retreats in places like Costa Rica (ooooooh… it’s the Switzerland of Central America), where surfers are housed in reclaimed driftwood huts designed by former students of Frank Gehry in collaboration with Tom Ford. And now the Times articles have devolved into this soulless dreck focused on selling more knuckleheads on the “anyone can do it” mantra of SUP surfing.  That’s just what lifelong and dedicated surfers want, a few more incompetent asshats clogging up their lineup on SUPs.  As if the new annual crop of donkeys bobbing around on popouts and overpriced handcrafted koa wood retro fish weren’t enough.

    I don’t mean to discount the amazing SUP talent of a handful of international stars, but those few top notch guys (ya know, the one’s you see pulling in to big Teahupoo and Pipe) could do the same exact thing on high performance shortboards, longboards, fish or refrigerator doors.  Accepting SUPing as the new cool based on that 1 in 10,000 SUP’er who gets slotted at big Chopes is akin to preaching rollerblading as the new cool based on some douche who jumps 23 buses while wearing them.

    As suggested by the article, “anyone can do it”.  Unfortunately, “anyone” tends to be the overwhelming majority of SUP riders.  Outside of Hawaii and a few other world class locales, the large number of SUP riders tend to be kooks, donkeys and other assorted goofballs.  More often than not, they’re late in life surfers who never quite got the hang of regular surfing, yet saw reason to take on surfing’s “next big thing”.  And now the Times sees fit to give SUPing more exposure.  Let’s just hope that my dad’s endorsement will beat this dog dead once and for all.
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    Observations from the Gold Coast

    Written by philoSURFer on March 15th, 2010
    We’re a few weeks away from the start of the Bells event and I’ve been reflecting on what went down on the Goldie.  Here are a few things I picked up on.

    Taj Burrow is on a bit of a tear.  Three contests in three months, with three wins.  He had a slow build at Snappers, but from round 4 onwards, his lowest heat score was the 15.57 out of 20 that he collected in the final.  He’s got rail, he’s got flair, and he’s not afraid to go fins free.  Like French impressionist art, his surfing is hard not to like.  Let’s see if he has the drive to turn three into four.

    Andy Irons has lost that loving feeling.  Taking home his first 17th of the season, AI seems to be out of sync.  He hasn’t been contesting all that well since taking sabbatical.  Let’s hope he can quickly iron out the competitive kinks and get back into winning form.

    Dane Reynolds doesn’t do mornings.  In the arvo, he’s untouchable.  In the morning…. not so much. Watch the replays of his afternoon heats and you will crap yourself (yes, he is that good).  Watch the morning heats and you might squeeze out a fart. Oh, and very, very few people can make…

    Joel Parkinson’s surfing look tame, but the Dane made the king of Cool(ie) work extra hard just to try to keep up.  Parko looked sharp and precise as ever, but big, fin free wafts are finally winning the hearts and minds of judges this season.

    Jordy Smith has arrived.  Okay, technically he had a pretty strong season in 2009, but surfing smart at Snappers won him through to the final.  Looking forward to more big things from the big kid on tour.

    Kelly Slater is having fun.  Last season, his Cheyne Horan-esque experimentation was often cringe inducing and difficult to watch.  This season, he came firing out of the gates on a more conventional shape.  Until his fall to the Saffa giant, he looked like he was out there having a blast.  Seemingly unperturbed by his early exit, he actually stuck around for the rest of the event.

    Jeremy Flores is surfing like a fixed man.  A lot of noise has been made about the Fronchie being underscored in his exciting third round nailbiter with Dane Reynolds.  With hindsight being 20-20, would you have given J-Flo the nod, knowing you’d miss Dane’s quarterfinal show?

    Blake Thornton’s surfing wasn’t at the World Tour level.  Further, he didn’t even surf at a WQS level.  I do understand, however, that he paddles at a 3 star level.  His heat against Dane Reynolds looked like a “pros versus Joes” charity event.  See ya back on the WQS midseason Blake-o.

    The Quiksilver Live iPhone/iPod Touch app is the shit.  I didn’t missed a single heat thanks to this little gem, and it works on 3G and Wi-Fi, unlike many other of the iPhone’s streaming video apps which just tend to favor Wi-Fi. Meanwhile…

    The ASPtoGo iPhone/iPod Touch app is just shit.  The press release on the ASP website says of the app, “The ASPtogo application gives the user live scores, heat results, photos, videos and connects to LIVE video feeds of the worlds best surfers going off in the worlds best waves.”  Yeah, about that last part…. not so much. This lack of a centralized media source is half the reason talk of a breakaway tour continues.  The revolution shall be televised, but not by the ASP.  (Note:  I have just downloaded an updated version of the app which also purports to offer LIVE video streaming.  We’ll have to see if it’s actually working when Bells kicks off).
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    The philoSURFy

    Written by philoSURFer on March 11th, 2010

    philoSURFical is the mental offal of an undersurfed soul. It is the unadulterated inner ramblings of a depraved, surf addicted city dweller, waxing philosurfical on all things surf related, with a heavy emphasis on product reviews, pro surfing, interviews, ladies, travel and news.

    We’re not setting out to save the surf world, but we are hoping to spread a little stoke and generate a little buzz, one post at a time.

    If you have a product, we want to try it (surf related, of course).

    If you have a comment, we want to hear it.

    Keep reading, and like a good book, spread the word to your friends (and enemies).

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