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Balaram Stack doing his thing – Someone sponsor this kid!

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Quiksilver let him go, yet he’s ten times more exciting to watch than most of their existing team riders. They should have dumped World Tour guys like Jeremy Flores, Tiago Pires and Travis Logie. I’d rather watch Balaram Stack taking a crap than see either of those three in a heat. I’d rather watch Bal color in Dane’s doodles than watch either of those three go for a freesurf.

Someone sponsor this kid!

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Are Quiksilver and DC dropping athletes, staff and brands?

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

According to the below article from Transworld Media (which has now been removed from the site), Quiksilver is doing more pruning than just at the executive level. If there’s any truth to this, even World Tour surfers like Jeremy Flores, Tiago Pires, Travis Logie and Fred Patacchia will be looking for new homes. Further, if this is true,  Stephanie Gilmore will be looking for a new sponsor after so recently moving over from Rip Curl.

As of this posting, the team appears unchanged on the Quiksilver surf team website.

If true, this is very sad and scary news. Let’s hope for our sport’s sake that this is all bad gossip.

Drop us a note if you have any insight.

Quiksilver And DC Cut Athlete Teams, Staff, & Brands  By Mike Lewis
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Tue, Feb 26 2013 10:54 am | 0 Comments

Yesterday was a rough day in Huntington Beach according to sources at Quiksilver, where broad-reaching cuts affected team riders, approximately 30 staffers, and entire brands were shuttered.

On the athlete front, the decision was made to cut all but the marquee riders. In surf, everyone but Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, and Mark Healy were let go. On the snow side, Travis Rice is the sole rider left on the program, and in skate, Tony Hawk is the last man standing. DC apparently let its full BMX and surf squads go as well.

On the brand front, DC Womens, Quiksilver Womens, and Quiksilver Girls were cut as well, along with their staff members, and several high ranking marketing staffers were also let go.

According to internal sources, there’s more to come as new Quiksilver CEO Andy Mooney reshapes the brand.
Stay tuned for more as this story unfolds.

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Sports Illustrated celebrates Bruna Schmitz

Friday, February 18th, 2011

It’s hard enough to get mainstream attention in surfing, even if your name ends with Slater. Congrats to Bruna Schmitz for crossing that line for her god-given talents.

Being one of the best surfers on the planet made Bruna relevant. Being among the sweetest of eye candy while being one of the best surfers on the planet made her worthy of mainstream media coverage (or, uncoverage). Congrats to Sports Illustrated for realizing what we competitive surf enthusiasts have known for some time – you can never have enough photos of Bruna in her business suit. Jeremy Flores wisely caught on to this before the rest of the world, landing her as his better half and favorite team rider (for Moskova underwear, of course).

Go pick up a copy of the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue at the store, online or on your favorite iDevice.

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Quiksilver’s new Cypher Series Boardshorts – Love at First Wear

Monday, April 19th, 2010

We all love our boardshorts to be stylish and functional, but unfortunately this all too often comes at the sacrifice of a fella’s bits and pieces. Any male surfer worth his salt has experienced the horrible feeling of post-surf friction rash in his nether regions. I’ve personally suffered more boardshort related discomfort downunder than just about anyone. I’ve even resorted to wearing all sorts of silly looking undergarments to protect myself, but for what? Wearing protection from your own boardshorts is just ridiculous and I’ve long wondered why someone hasn’t developed trunks that don’t feel like sandpaper on the inside. I mean, could it really be all that difficult to design?

Enter Quiksilver

The house of Quik has now stepped in to make the world safe again for your tender parts. Utilizing a patented “Diamond Dobby” technology, the great minds at Quiksilver have come up with a solid product that is both stylish and free of chaffing. The game-changing technology is a pattern of raised diamond shapes covering the inside of the boardshorts. The thousands of little diamonds create a texture that allegedly reduces skin contact by 30%, translating to decreased friction in the areas most irritated by traditional trunks. Further cutting down on the meat grating are the Lycra hems circling the legs, the overall lightness of the material, the built in four-way stretch and a neoprene fly enclosure. All of these little innovations combine to make the most comfy trunks on the market.

Beyond function and comfort is style, and these trunks have it. The Cypher series boardies currently comes in over a dozen flavors and colors. I’ve given a run to the designs created for four of Quiksilver’s biggest names – Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Jeremy Flores and Julian Wilson. My personal favorite to date is the Dane Reynolds model, the “Brigg”. I’m digging the horizontal red and blue stripes of mine, and I understand they come in a couple of other color variations. They’re like a more stylish throwback to the golden age of surfing (think Greg Knoll without the ultra high waist). While you might not be able to punt full-rotation reverses like the shorts’ namesakes, you can take pride in sharing the same level of style and comfort as Quik’s top guns.

Forget about the boardshorts that come with wax combs, bottle openers or other gimmicks. Instead, focus on function, comfort and style. Once you wear the Cyphers you’ll be hard pressed to wear another pair of trunks, unless you take pleasure in self mutilation. Protect your hangdown! Check ‘em out today at your local surf shop or order a pair online at Quiksilver.

Oh yeah…. and if you’re the only person on the planet who hasn’t seen this yet, or if you just need a stoke fix, check out the promo video for the Cypher boardies, brought to us in glorious 1000 frame-per-second goodness.

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